Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Princess and The Crazy!!!

One of my favorite Fall/Halloween activities is carving pumpkins!!! Last year Aaron and I paid tribute to our fabulous Colorado Rockies for making it to the World Series. This year we were not so fortunate so we had to take another route.

We debated about doing an Obama face. Not that means we our for him, you just can't live in our neighborhood and not be an Obama supporter. So if a McCain pumpkin was left on the front porch, I'm not so sure it would last too long. There was also talk about a Dwight face but both were just too complicated.


Well after a few days we had finaly decided on what we were going to do! First, we started this years pumpkin festivities by making a few caramel apples. Yum!

Then we got our our carving kit...
and we set off on another carving adventure.

Of course I have to save the pumpkin seeds! This is one of my favorite parts about it all!

After about an hour of gutting, scooping, cutting and shaving finished off with cramped hands, these are the finished products! I chose a Disney princess in light of our upcoming Disneyland vacation. I would have done Belle but I couldn't find a decent stencil.

There you have it... The Princess and The Crazy!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008


On what was supposed to be a quick stop to Best Buy Friday night to pick up the Office Season 4 fun pack, which includes the season four DVDs plus Support the Rabid T-Shirt, water bottle and wrist band, we came across something even more exciting. Something that we now may be addicted to... Guitar Hero!

We have watched my brother play this for hours on end wondering what he could find so fascinating. It never occurred to Aaron or I to pick up a guitar and try it.

We happened to walk by the demo at the store and figured this time we would see how it felt. 45 minutes later with a line forming behind us, we knew we had discovered something wonderful!

I suggested that we get one for Christmas but that wasn't good enough for Aaron. The deal man a.k.a my husband is already searching the Internet to find the best price. He wants to own this immediately! I have a feeling that we will have a new gaming system and two guitars in our home by the end of the week. I'll keep you updated :)

Player One Rocks!!!

I'm back... and less than 5 hours since my first post, I might add. Thanks to an old gift card and a used video game shop we are now proud owners of a PlayStation 2, 3 PlayStation games(the most important being Guitar Hero 2, of course), 2 controllers, a PlayStation memory card, and of course 2 guitars!