Saturday, April 30, 2011


A couple weeks ago Aaron had some meetings down in Miami. When I found out that he was staying at the Fountaine Bleau I decided to tag along. We spent four days laying by the pool and the beach just relaxing.

Two plane trips to Florida in one month was pretty exhausting. Although, for Aaron more than me. Ethan adores Aaron and when he is around Ethan wants nothing to do with me. He did get a little reprieve when Ethan decided to nap. Pants off on the way there and shirt half off on the way back, but hey we made it.

 DSC03863 2011-04-12 16.08.32 

We went a couple of days early to make sure Aaron had some time to enjoy himself too.

DSC03864 DSC03870 DSC03873DSC03883 

We were even lucky enough to have a beach view for one night.


It was a wonderful trip. Lots of time to just nap…

2011-04-12 11.02.24 DSC03912  

eat sand…





and just relax in the shade.

DSC03995 DSC03998DSC03996

I can’t wait for Summer to finally come to Denver!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Opening Day

A few weeks ago, Aaron took the afternoon off so we could go to the Rockies opening day game. In the end we didn’t actually go to the game. I’m glad we didn’t, because I’m not sure Ethan could have handled all of the overly enthusiastic fans. We still headed over to the stadium to enjoy the opening day atmosphere.


DSC03427 DSC03434



Instead of the going into the actual game, we walked down the street to view the game while eating hot dogs at one of our new fav places in town.


It was a great way to celebrate opening day! I can’t wait to go to many games this summer!

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Yep, we actually got to go skiing this year. I knew that with Ethan joining our family this last year that it would be difficult to get up the mountain. We did buy a few passes just in case. Finally at the very end of the ski season, we were able to use those passes a couple of times.

2011-03-26 13.45.48

One of our weekends on the mountain, Ethan actually got to join us! Luckily his buddy was there to play with, as well as share gloves and boots that we forgot to bring- whoops!

 2011-03-26 12.55.32 2011-03-26 13.26.37

Ethan had so much fun! I can’t wait till next year when we can actually get him on his own skis!

2011-03-26 16.13.432011-03-26 13.31.20  2011-03-26 13.44.37 

I guess just watching people ski can be exhausting. The kids were out before the day was over.

2011-03-26 15.18.002011-03-26 15.36.472011-03-26 15.37.21

I’m so glad that we got to go skiing. I almost forgot how much I love it! Nah, I could never forget that :)

Friday, April 15, 2011

My 10 Hours of Madness

March madness that is! Rounds two and three of the NCAA tournament came to town and since BYU was playing we had to go.


Aaron scored some pretty nice seats not too far behind the basket. And not too far from where this guy was sitting. I think we can all recognize the back of that hair anywhere. (That’s for you, Marisha :)


Hour 1

BYU vs. Wofford


Hour 3

St. John's vs. Gonzaga


Hour 6

Morehead vs. Richmond


Hour 10

BYU vs. Gonzaga


Actually it was probably more than ten hours, but it hurts my head just thinking about that being a possibility. I don’t think that I have ever watched as much basketball as I did than over these few days.  It was a lot of fun!

Thursday, we went with friends.


Saturday, we went with family.


Aaron was in basketball heaven!


March madness at it’s finest!