Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Until last weekend ski season 2009 had been pretty tame. The snow had been pretty choppy and icy. There definitely had not been any blog worthy days. So when we heard last Friday night that I-70 was closed due to an insane amount of snow fall, we knew we had to find a way up the mountain because we might actually get in a decent day of skiing!

At 10 pm Friday night, after they finally re-opened the roads, we made our way up to Keystone as fast as we could. Oh WOW, did we make the right choice! Saturday turned out to be the best ski day this season, by far! Only one word can explain how wonderful it was... POWDER! Those of you that have been skiing with me know that I am all about the speed, but not on powder days. These days I take my time and soak in every second!

Check out our pictures. They explain it all! Look at the snow covered trees and how you can't even see the sky due to the beautiful clouds dumping their glorious snow!


Friday, January 23, 2009

Nuggets Week!

Besides tennis, basketball is my favorite sport to watch! I try watching football but I struggle and I usually nap while Aaron watches a game. But not basketball... I love it! I don't know where this love of watching basketball came from. The only thing that I can come up with is that it may have originated from my early cheerleading days.

Now I don't want you to confuse my love of watching for a love of playing. When I think back to my P.E. days I cannot ever recollect playing. I remember volleyball, flag football, soccer, swimming, floor hockey, rock climbing, gymnastics even kayaking and rollerblading but never basketball. I think there was a game of HORSE played once during 3rd grade, but I could have made that memory up. I did give the game a try in college when I joined an intramural basketball team. I loved running up and down the court but literally that is all I did, run up and down the court. If the ball ever touched my hands I went into panic mode. I remember one time just throwing the ball randomly to prevent hyperventilating and I hit my roommates fiance in the face which thus ended my basketball playing days. I still haven't given up watching though.

Luckily last week I was able to put my basketball watching passion back in action! Twice we were able to go and see our boys in their baby blue and white, crush their opponents on the court! Chauncey Billups, Chris (birdman) Anderson, and Nene rocked the house and we were lucky enough to see it live!

Game #1

I'll keep my comments short about this game because I have plenty to say about the next. Tuesday was the Nuggets vs. the Mavericks! Chris Anderson hit some sweet shots including a half court shot with 2 seconds left on the shot clock right before half time! Amazing! We didn't catch it on film but check it out on this youtube clip!

Aaron and I were able to attend the game with my mother and and brother! We had a blast. The nuggets won 99-97. They gave up their lead in the third and made us sweat it out till the end. But they prevailed and we went home satisfied.

Game #2

This was THE GAME! I really enjoy watching the Nuggets even if they don't win I still enjoy watching the team... that is until the SUNS come to town. Now I'll admit if I were to move back to Chicago I am sure I would enjoy the Bulls too. I am not partial to the Nuggets. But there is one team that I LOVE no matter where I am. That team is the Phoenix Suns. I am forever a fan. (I guess I shouldn't go that far because I am afraid that my love may be tested once Steve Nash is gone, but let's pray that never happens.)

So on Christmas morning when I opened a gift from Aaron of two tickets to the Suns vs. Nuggets game, which was cleverly disguised in a DVD case, I was brought to tears. Tears of joy! (Don't worry my family thought I was ridiculous, just like you are probably thinking right now.)

Now Aaron doesn't share this love of the Suns so we are always on opposite sides during these games. So it was ironic when we got to the game to see this couple sitting in front of us.

This little darling also happened to be sitting right in front of us!

Seriously who brings a newborn child to a professional basketball game! Now I have to point out three things about this picture. 1. The most obvious... he is crazy eyed. Probably a side effect of all the insanely loud screaming and whistling going on. 2. He is ever so slyly flipping us of with his little baby finger. 3. The seemingly emotionless newborn somehow managed to bust out a smirk at the exact millisecond that we took this picture. Wow what a talented child!

Now about the game, when I think back I can really only remember one thing... Steve Nash and his beautiful free throws. By the end of this game Nash had brought his recent free-throw total up to 48 straight free-throws. One word... WOW! Don't worry I'll stop my oohing and awwing there before I prevent you from ever coming back to read our blog. I guess there were some other cool things that happened too. Like a questionable foul to Chauncey Billups that sent the game into over-time. Which ended in a win for the Nuggets 119-113. Even though the Suns didn't win I still had a great time! And of course I have to give a shot out to Rocky for keeping the crowd pumped! Gotta love that mountain lion!

So to sum up, Nuggets week was a success! Husband, thanks for the awesome Christmas present! You sure know how to win over this girls heart!