Monday, October 22, 2012

Pumpkin Patch 2012

We hit up the local pumpkin patch on Saturday.

We made our way through the hay bale maze.


Pet rabbits in the petting zoo.

IMG_2485 copyIMG_2486 copy

IMG_2488 copy

We raced ducks. This was Ethan’s favorite part of the day.



Ready, Set, Go… “Catch it!” Ethan would yell as he chased the ducks down.

IMG_2510 copyIMG_2511 copyIMG_2512 copy

Ethan became king of the hay hill.

IMG_2514 copy

And then jumped his way down it.


We buried Ethan in piles of corn. (Oh the things people do for entertainment. I can’t imagine that this was very sanitary :)


We took a hay ride.


We picked out pumpkins.


Ethan pretended to be a scarecrow.


Even Annabel had a great time :)




Sunday, October 21, 2012


I have an obsession with Mumford and Sons! I have loved them for years. Last time they were in town we couldn’t make it to the show. I was pregnant and sick and I was crushed that my body wouldn’t let me go. Then we heard that they were going to be back in town, and that this time they were going to be playing at Red Rocks. I was so excited, and I desperately wanted to go. I knew that with Annabel being so young (I think she was only 6 weeks at the time) that it probably wasn’t going to happen. I put it out of my mind so I wouldn’t get too depressed :)

That was until one morning when I woke up to this sign hanging on my mirror.


It was early in the morning and I was still in zombie wake-up mode so I didn’t quite catch on at first. In fact it took a couple of hours before it clicked. We were going to Mumford and Sons! Words cannot even express how excited I was.

Of course the show was incredible.

SAMSUNG            2012-08-28 22.55.05

Mumford and Sons + Red Rocks = Nothing but Amazing! Check it out for yourself. Maybe you can spot us in the crowd ;)

Friday, October 19, 2012

Stock Car Racing

Back in June for Fathers Day I gave Aaron a stock car racing experience. Finally this September he was able to use his gift and go race.



He wasn’t sure how fast he got to go, because the cars don’t have speedometers, but they did tell him it was over 100 miles per hour. He had a great time.


Friday, October 5, 2012


A few weeks ago Ethan woke us up in the middle of the night complaining that his hands were cold. It wasn’t until morning when we found ice cream melting all over the kitchen table that we realized why that was so.


So when Ethan came complaining of cold hands this morning, I fully expected to be cleaning up another mess in the kitchen. What I did not expect as the reason behind the cold hands was the snow that he had escaped into the backyard to play with. I can tell you that I am not ready for snow. I need more summer. So today I was reminiscing about this past summer. I was looking at pictures of a few things that we were up to. Hopefully sharing these photos will keep me feeling warm for  a little longer.

Playing in the river.


Swimming at the pool.


Spinning at the park.


A love for play-do!



Eating from the apple tree in cowboy boots.


The ability to run around naked and not freeze to death.


Painting in our PJ’s.

12 weeksIMG_0030

Summer time is the best!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Guess who came to town the other day… Thomas the train!

Thomas was in town at the Colorado railroad museum. Aaron got tickets to take Ethan. We tried to get Ethan excited about Thomas the week prior to the train ride. Boy it doesn’t take much to get that kid excited. No matter who came to the house, and I mean no matter… we are talking the UPS guy to random solicitors, Ethan would run and get the iPad, and show them a picture of Thomas the Train, and tell them that he was going to ride Thomas on Saturday. Ethan was stoked!

All week he kept asking when, “when do we go ride Thomas?” We kept telling him, “on Saturday you’ll ride Thomas.” Then finally Saturday comes and he goes to meet Thomas. Throughout the day ever once in a while he would stop what he was doing, let out this sigh of relief, and say “Yes, it’s Saturday!” It was like he was realizing and expressing that this was the day he had been waiting for his whole life. He was in heaven.