Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Halloween 2012

This year I had no say in what Ethan was going to be for Halloween. Ethan had decided that he was going to be Thomas the train and there was nothing I could do to change his mind. I took him shopping to look at other costumes, but you would have thought I was torturing him by merely suggesting that he be a pirate or even Mr. Incredible. So Thomas it was. The way his eyes lit up at the sight of his Thomas costume was hilarious and adorable. He was obsessed and refused to take the costume off for an entire week. And this kid hates hats, but all Halloween week he kept begging me to wear his conductor hat. I think he may have even slept in it a few nights. We had one happy Thomas on our hands.

We did all of our usual Halloween activities. We went to the Children's museum, we went trick or treating on Metro state campus, we went to the ward trunk or treat, and this year we even added a new activity to our list… we went actual trick or treating- although that may not have lasted very long. Second house in a kid answered the door in a scary costume thus making Ethan terrified to go to any other door unless being carried by Aaron.

IMG_2559IMG_2568 copy

IMG_2588 copy

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Annabel, of course, was also along for the festivities wearing the resident baby costume- the giraffe.