Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ski Season

We made it up to the mountains to get our ski on a few times this past season. Ethan joined us every time this year. He loved it! He loved to go fast. He just kept yelling, “faster, faster!”


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Here are a few mountain moments off of the slopes.


Our little Eskimo :)


Monday, May 20, 2013


I love when I find pictures that I had forgotten that I had taken. I came across these this weekend. Of course, I had to share.

We celebrated the day before Easter with cousins and lots of Aunts and Uncles as Katherine and Greg were in town. We ate yummy ham. We decorated eggs. Ethan discovered his love for hard boiled eggs. I think he may have eaten everyone's eggs.





Then we celebrated again on Easter. The Easter bunny surprised Ethan during nap time.


And Ethan discovered his love for Easter Egg hunts. Almost 2 months later Ethan almost daily hunts for eggs. He hides them. He finds them. He will even fill them with some treat so there is a surprise inside.



Sneaking a peak while grandpa hides the eggs.


It was a wonderful Easter weekend spent with family.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Ethan Turns 3!

Back in March our boy turned 3! For months prior to his birthday all he could talk about was his orange birthday party. I have no idea where he got the idea from. I would ask if he wanted a Buzz light year party or a Superhero party. The answer was always no. He insisted on having an orange birthday party. So an orange party is what he got.


As always he woke up to his birthday rope filled with toys and candy. He tried to recreate this for about a week after his birthday. Everyday he would get out the rope and then he would lay toys all along it. He loved to pretend that it was his birthday again. I think he likes this tradition.


I set out all of the orange decorations the night before his birthday. When he woke up the house was filled with orange balloons and orange candies. He loved his orange filled day.


That night we had family over to celebrate with pizza and presents and even carrot cake for the orange birthday boy. Although, he woke up the next morning so distraught that his cousins ate all of his birthday cake. Ha!




I had set out a few props and I told the kids that they were welcome to take some photos. These are a few of my favorites that they took. Fun kids!

photo 5_edited-1photo 1_edited-1photo 4 (2)_edited-1

photo 2 (2)_edited-1photo 4_edited-1

His favorite present was his new cranky, a remote control crane.


I adore my 3 year old Ethan!

He LOVES to talk. He wants you to listen to his stories all day. He talks really well. There are only a few words that he has trouble pronouncing. Like refrigerator is fridger or fridgery and the sprinklers are just sprinkles. It is just funny to hear him ask if we can turn the sprinkles on. 

He has so much energy. This kid still takes a good 2-3 hour nap in the afternoons because he just wears himself out. Some days if he doesn’t get all of his energy out he will ask if he can run. He will either run up and down our hallway, or if it is nice outside he will run in circles on the driveway. This lucky boy got a trampoline for his birthday and he will jump for hours.

He still has a love for trains, and buzz light-year, and his latest obsession is with Wreck it Ralph. And he loves to wreck things. He acts out car crashes multiple times a day. 

He runs around the house most days dressed as some superhero. I haven’t figured which is his favorite yet. It may be a three way tie between Batman, Spiderman, and Superman. Some days it is a combination of the three when he will be wearing his superman cape, Batman mask, and then he will shoot you with his spider webs laughing and saying, ”Ha! I just got you all webby!”

He loves puzzles and play dough and going on scavenger hunts.

He insists on wearing his “soft pants” aka pajama pants when we are at home.

He is the sweetest boy. He loves to give BIG hugs, as he likes to call them. He gets upset if you only give him a small hug.

He is an adoring older brother. He loves Annabel. He is always the first one to run to her crib after she wakes up. He will sing her songs until I get there. It is usually some rendition of the Thomas and Friends theme song. He loves to hold her hand in the car. He loves to make her smile. I love when he says “Mom, I make Annabel so happy!” And he does. I think he gets the biggest smiles out of her.

He is so tall! Still 98% for height and weight. He towers over all the kids in nursery. I think I’m glad that he is finally 3 now, because people would give me the strangest looks when I would tell them that my giant child was only 2 years old.

Everyday is an adventure for Ethan. Every morning when he wakes up one of the first things out of his mouth is, “where are we going today?” He finds so many ways to have fun and enjoy life. He has brought so much joy into our family.

We love our Ethan!