Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hilton Head, South Carolina (Longest Post Ever!)

I don't even know where to begin this post. Lately my blogging looks like this... Blog 5 minutes, feed baby, blog 5 minutes, change diaper, blog 5 minutes, get Ethan ready for a nap-- 2 hours later, oh yea I was blogging today. Blog 5 minutes, it's noon have I eaten anything today?- get distracted by food, blog 5 minutes, feed baby, and the cycle continues. So because of this, recent blog posts have consisted of a lot of pictures. I don't remember the last time that I actually wrote out a post. And this post you are about to get into will be the same, full of pics. So until the day comes that I actually get to write again, enjoy staring at pictures of my beautiful family.

Last week my family headed down to South Carolina to enjoy a week on the beach. We had a blast!

We flew into Savannah, Georgia and arrived at 11:50 p.m. Friday night. After we arrived we realized that the hotel we booked was not down the street from the airport like we thought. It was actually 30 minutes away. Yikes! Luckily the car rental counter was still open and we were able to get a car. So we typed in the address of our hotel into google maps. The directions came up and away we went. Somehow 30 minutes later we ended up on a dirt road. Who knew the Courtyard Marriott Midtown was in the middle of an RV Park! We eventually made it to our hotel, but we are now official haters of google maps!

Well the next day we decided to take a tour of Savannah before heading to our final destination. I really enjoyed learning the History of the town. Kate apparently did not...

Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately for you, my pictures from the trolley tour we took didn't turn out. But here are a few that did.

The Forrest Gump bench! (at least one of these is the bench. I couldn't tell which on our trolley tour director was pointing too.)

A Sears catalog home. All pieces were pre-cut and shipped ready to be assembled along with one hammer. If you take a closer look you will see that the windows were installed upside down.

Paula Dean's restaurant. We tried to get in but it was booked! We ate at Five Guys instead - probably just as good ;)

And you can't forget that Spanish moss!

After our tour of Savannah we headed to our final destination for the week. Hilton Head, South Carolina.

The home we stayed in was AWESOME! From the location to the decor, the home truly was awesome. And I mean that in so many different ways.

First let's take a look at the decor. When you walk in, immediately to your right you see this! "What is it?" you ask. I can't answer that and I'm not sure I really want to know the answer to that question. Of course, no display of face masks is complete without a hanging head with a grass beard!

The rest of the house had more of an 80's/Asian theme to it (do you call it "Eightsian" or "The "Asiaties"?). Here is the valance in our bedroom that matched the bed skirt.

And the home was filled with artwork like this. We failed to get a photo of possibly the best 80's tennis poster you've ever seen. But rest assured, it was awesome (and fitting as Wimbledon was underway).

But even though the decor hadn't been updated in about 30 years, I still can't complain. If anything it made the trip more enjoyable because it gave us something to laugh about.

Next let's take a look at the location. Not something to laugh about, if anything, something to drool over. It was beautiful. Right on the beach.

Every night we would eat dinner on the balcony and stare out to this. This picture doesn't do it justice.

Enough of where we stayed. It is what we did that made this trip so awesome! (I am loving that word right now!)

We chilled on the beach everyday! Everyone came home tan except Aaron and I. Since we were cooped up for 9 months during my pregnancy Aaron and I turned into super pale human beings, almost vampire like. So we came away from this week looking normal. Which I actually got a comment about on Sunday. "You finally look like yourself again" is what I was told. I am glad to be back! Aaron is glad I'm back, as well!

We played in the ocean.

We buried Jeff in the sand.

We celebrated Father's Day!

We checked out Harbor Town.

My most favorite part of the trip. Riding bikes on the beach. I didn't even know that was possible. It was so fun!

We played minute to win it games! Junk in the Trunk, Johnny Applestack, Hanky Panky, Breakfast Scramble, and Egg Roll. Team Reagan vs Team Alpha Wolf vs Team ALA.

We played Tennis.

Baby and Papa time. Kate LOVED holding Ethan and playing with Grandpa.

We got pretty lucky in terms of the weather. It was hot and humid, but it never rained during the day. It only rained one night. It was a pretty intense rain storm. You could hear lots of thunder off in the distance. We were all just sitting around talking. Then all of the sudden, we see this huge flash of light and our house shakes! It was so scary. We thought that we had been hit by lightning. But the house seemed alright and the electricity was still working. So we calmed down and forgot about it. Then about twenty minutes later we started smelling smoke. We looked out the front door and the house across the street was engulfed in flames. The house had been struck by lightning! It was so scary! None of us had been that close to a fire like that before. These pictures were taken from our front porch. If you zoom in you can see how close we really were. Luckily no one was home at the time!

An awesome vacation. One that will not be forgotten! I love my home here in Denver, but if Colorado had a beach as well as the mountains, this place would be perfect!