Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Until last weekend ski season 2009 had been pretty tame. The snow had been pretty choppy and icy. There definitely had not been any blog worthy days. So when we heard last Friday night that I-70 was closed due to an insane amount of snow fall, we knew we had to find a way up the mountain because we might actually get in a decent day of skiing!

At 10 pm Friday night, after they finally re-opened the roads, we made our way up to Keystone as fast as we could. Oh WOW, did we make the right choice! Saturday turned out to be the best ski day this season, by far! Only one word can explain how wonderful it was... POWDER! Those of you that have been skiing with me know that I am all about the speed, but not on powder days. These days I take my time and soak in every second!

Check out our pictures. They explain it all! Look at the snow covered trees and how you can't even see the sky due to the beautiful clouds dumping their glorious snow!



Sweetest Of All said...

Yeah! I wanna ski with you. I love speed skiing, all I do. It drove Brett nuts to ski with me because I just bomped each and every run all day. He had to go crazy to keep up with me or I'd just wait at the bottom.

Honey said...

I need you to teach me. I'm so afraid that I'd have to be lifted off the mountain. (I have a friend whose first time skiing got a compound fracture. I almost puked seeing the pins in her leg at the hospital) Totally up for it though :)