Sunday, June 14, 2009

Home Sweet (soon to be) Home!

So I have been asked a few questions about this whole house buying business. Sorry to leave you all hanging. I am still in shock about it! I am also still a little hesitant to say anything since it is not officially ours until July 6. But I figure it wont hurt to at least answer a few of the questions that I have been asked.

Did you seriously buy a house?

Yes, it is true! Aaron and I are going to be home owners in about a month. That's if everything goes as planned. And speaking of plans, I did not actually think we would be buying a house this soon. Aaron and I have loved looking at houses all around Denver. Neither of was too serious about buying just yet. But when we walked into this house, we fell in love! The fact that my husband put in an offer right away without having to sit down and weigh the pros and cons and figure out some deal he could get, and the fact that somehow we beat out a higher offer for the home means that this is meant to be. (Ok, I am just cheesy and think everything is meant to be.)

Where is this house located?

Right here in Denver, of course. It is just a few blocks west of City Park. We love the city. Someday we will move out to the suburbs and we will love it there too. We just aren't ready quite yet.

Will you still be in the Capitol Hill ward?

Yes, we will be in the Capitol Hill ward for a while now. Aaron and I are excited about this because we are big fans of the members in this ward!

And last but not least, what does your house look like?

Well let me show you. Below is a visual tour of the home. Obviously none of the furniture is ours, although I wish it was. The video isn't the best quality but it will give you an idea until you can come over to visit!


Christina said...

It looks so nice - congratulations!

Glo said...

I LOVE it, so charming! i am jealous

Jen Christensen said...

so cute! I love it! Can't wait to have YW activities there.

Jen and Emma said...

Oh guys! What a great house for sure! Congrats!!

the binghams. said...

AHH it is beautiful! congrats! I love those old bungalows- so awesome.

Laynalou3 said...

Whoa, sweet house!!

Landon, Dana and Julien said...

Ang! I have been so bad at keeping up with blogs lately...I just read all of your old I have missed a lot! I love your new house it is so adorable!!! PS congrats on the 5k...i have the same feelings towards running as you i am very proud of you!!! Miss ya!