Sunday, July 12, 2009

Firecracker 5k Race

Running is my worst enemy.

I have tried to battle this fierce competitor. Sometimes I go as far as to get my workout clothes on and walk down the street to the park. Then I stand and I stare. I stare my enemy down. I give it the squinting eye like it is high noon and we are about to show down. The heat from the sun pounds down on my face. Drops of sweat start to trickle down my forehead. When the moment of truth arrives, I always seem to find myself a little slow on the draw because I lose every time. I’ll do a few stretches for appearances sake. I’ll bend down to “tie” my shoe mostly to keep myself from passing out at the thought of what I am about to do. Just as I am about to take that first step… I remember that something urgent needs my attention! My stoves burner was left on. I must leave before my home goes up into flames. Uh oh, I forgot to roll up my car windows and it looks like it is about to rain. Oh no, I left the water running from when I took a bath earlier. I don’t want the house to flood that would just be so inconvenient. So I turn around and go home, but not before I stop at the “Daily Scoop” for some ice cream. Comfort food is always needed after this experience.

Although laziness plays somewhat of a roll in my dislike, don’t mistake my entire hatred for running on my casual workout attitude. This dislike for running actually started in High School when my best friend who was star of the track team decided she wanted to quit. The more the coach begged her to stay, the more she begged me to join the team. All she wanted was someone to hang out with. I eventually caved. Let me tell you, I was pathetic! I was beaten by everyone! People would finish and then 10 minutes later I would come along and be only half way done. It didn't matter how much I practiced. I was so slow! Now, the real humiliation came when I was assigned to run the 400 meter during a meet. Somehow my shoe fell off during the race. I panicked but kept running, if you could call it that. It was more like hobbling along. I came in last, way last! Like I said, I was pathetic!

Now I have successfully avoided running for most of my adult life. I also found myself pretty busy these past ten months with school, so not only have I not run but I haven't even got in a workout in a while. So when my wonderful sister-in-laws thought it would be fun to run a 5k, I will admit that I panicked a little. I figured since I'm not in high school anymore that it was about time to face my enemy. So I put on a brave face and tagged along. I did not prepare for this at all because in case you forgot, running and I don’t exactly get along. So the fact that I even survived and finished in under an hour is pretty amazing. Thanks everyone for cheering me on! I actually had a good time. I think running and I might become friends someday.

Check out our efforts. (And you can take about two minutes off of our times since we didn’t cross the staring line right away.)

July 4, 2009

And we're off...

Rebecca- 32:25

Katherine- 32:46

Victoria- 32:52

Christina- 36:43

Honey and Angela- 39:43

We Did it!

The kids even got a little taste of the action!


Honey said...

You rocked it! I trained and it still kicked my behind - darn hills. We can say we did it though!

Christina said...

I loved this post - so fun to see all the pictures and your story about the 400 M race was great!