Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Back to reality...

I seriously have to make a case here for Disney World being one of the happiest places on earth. Especially if you stay on Disney World property. For however long your visit is, you are completely encompassed in a World of Disney. I think it is just fabulous. And everyone really is so happy! Everyone is smiling and saying hi. And of course all of the Disney workers are required to be nice to you, but seriously why bother working for Disney if you didn't want to be friendly to people.

Well the reason I bring this up is because you kind of forget for a few days while you are there that there is a world outside of Disney that isn't always kind and friendly. Literally within 30 minutes of getting off of Disney's Magical Express(the shuttle that takes you from your hotel to the airport) I had been yelled at for going too slow, being in the way and for going the wrong way. I think I actually said to Aaron, "Well I guess we are no longer in Disney."

And the night we returned from Disney didn't get any happier. As soon as we returned home, Aaron went inside the house while I waited in the car. Apparently, with my new super smelling pregnancy power, I have developed a strong dislike for the smell of our new home. Aaron went inside to freshen up the smell of the house so I wouldn't get sick immediately upon entering. Well about 30 seconds after Aaron was inside, I got a phone call from him. "Someone broke in! Our T.V. is gone!"(That was a fun phone call) Aaron then proceeded to call the cops. I don't know if it this was a good thing or a bad thing but within 30 seconds we had two cop cars show up at our house. I don't know if I should feel extra protected knowing that they were so close or extra worried that they needed to be so close. Anyway they showed up and checked out the rest of the house to make sure the burglar was gone. Once we got the all clear, we had to then search the house for anything else the burglar took. In the end he didn't get away with much, he took some jewelery and some credit cards that we had left on our night stand.

It turns out the T.V. wasn't taken it had just been moved. Along with our play station, xbox, and laptop. He had started to move our desktop computer but it didn't make it far. This guy went through everything. All of our drawers, closets, he even went through our temple bags, he dumped out all of my purses.

That night Aaron was in panic mode. I, who had just come off of a very turbulent and long flight, was exhausted and sick. And I was obviously not myself, because all I thought was, oh well that's too bad, can I go to bed now? And then I seriously thought it was cool when the CSI team showed up to fingerprint the house. (I think I watch way too many crime dramas.) Although now that this event has sunk in, I still think it is kind of cool that my T.V. was dusted for fingerprints. And who knew that fingerprint powder was orange. All this time I thought it was black. Maybe it is a special Halloween blend. (Again obviously I'm not thinking like a normal person yet.)

Even though we were rudely awakened from our magical happy vacation, we got pretty lucky. The cops still aren't sure why he didn't take more. They think either he got spooked or realized that it was too big of a job for one man. The cops were pretty sure who was behind our break in, a guy who just broke out of county jail, because unfortunately we weren't the only ones in the neighborhood who had this experience.

But we now have learned our lesson and have a burglar proof house. Aaron has spent many days making sure our house is extra protected!


jtibs said...

I think I'd be pretty creeped out...don't know if I'd be able to sleep there for a while.

Lydia Story said...

Wow, I am glad he wasn't still there!

the binghams. said...

that is so scary!
that happened recently our friends who live just north of the city too- how awful. i'm just glad you weren't at home- that would have been horrible!

i am SO excited that you're pregnant!! i'm sorry you've been so sick (but you may enjoy not having to work that weight off after the baby comes) i'm so happy for you!!

The Strouds said...

Scary! What a blessing you weren't home at the time... it could have been so much worse. I'm glad you are safe. And congrats on the boy!