Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I only decorate for 3 holidays, Christmas, Valentines and Halloween. And since Halloween is soon approaching it is time to decorate. I have been looking forward to this all year, because last year I had grand ideas on how to decorate our home for Halloween but I couldn’t even walk on my own for more than two minutes without passing out. Our house went undecorated and my ideas had to wait plus they kept building. This year I am back to my old self and I made sure to take full advantage of that.

The Mantel.  First, I cut out some bats and taped them to the mirror. Then I recovered some old books in Halloween paper. Next, I snagged some branches from our tree in the backyard to make our very own Halloween tree. Then I hung some pumpkin ornaments, laid down some spider web, and Voila! Our Halloween mantel.

The Front Porch. I am a doormat dork. I have a doormat for every season and holiday. This year I sewed some pillows for the swing. I wasn’t sure what design to use on the pillows. For now we have a ghost and a BOO! drawn on with chalk. Which is cool enough for the time being, but we can’t actually use the pillows or the chalk will rub off so I will be painting them soon.

The Dining Room. It is still lacking. I need some cool cups and napkins and maybe some cool silverware.  I’ll wait till after Halloweens sales to look for all of that. It works for now.

The Candy Bar. I love candy! I mean why else would Halloween be my favorite holiday? (besides the fact that I can dress up like a Disney princess and no one think it’s that strange. I think I might be Snow White instead of Belle this year. She’s more modest.) Last year I couldn’t eat candy or anything really so I am making up for it this year! Aaron would like this to become a tradition. I foresee high dentist bills in my children's future so we will see if this makes a return next year. The pumpkin candy corn are my favorite!

That’s what Halloween looks like at this Hunt home. Coming soon… a preview of Ethan’s costumes. He has 4! I get a little too excited sometimes!


Honey said...

How fun are you?! It ALL looks incredible! I don't even know where to start. It makes me want to decorate my house (although I have zero Halloween decorations, and that candy bar - which I'm thinking is my favorite - wouldn't stand a chance here!) I LOVELOVELOVE IT!

Landon, Dana and Julien said...

Your house looks amazing! Nice work Ang! It makes me want to decorate my house!

Carla said...

SO CUTE!!!! Great job!!!