Friday, January 28, 2011

Cowboys and Country Music

Last week I found myself saying, “I like the smell of horses.” Yep, those words actually came out of my mouth. My friend, who I was with at the time, looked at me strangely. I don’t blame her ;) I had to seriously contemplate why I would even think of that statement, let alone say it. Cause seriously, does anyone like the smell of horses?

It finally occurred to me why I would say such a thing. See in college, my podunk Idaho college, their weren’t a lot of sports, but their sure were a lot of Rodeos. I don’t think that you can live in Idaho for 4 years and not leave without a love for cowboys and country music. And we all know how much I love country music, remember Garth Brooks?! Yea!

So I’m not surprised that when I heard the National Western Stock Show was in town, that I found myself really wanting to go.


It was a great time! The kids even enjoyed themselves.






We got ourselves lost, but discovered new furry friends.

DSC00196 DSC00199 DSC00211

Ethan even got to sleep with the pigs.

DSC00223  DSC00226DSC00227

So do I really like the smell of Horses? It might have been more appropriate to say that I miss Idaho. But that’s really not true. I guess I meant that I am fond of the memories that I made there. I’m glad when little reminders of the rodeo days role into town every once in a while.

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Sweetest Of All said...

I lived there eight. no love for cowboys or country music. In fact, i never met a cowboy but there were a whole lot of Californian's like me.