Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dragon Boats!

We love the Dragon Boat festival. For the past couple of years we have talked about going, but then we have never gotten around to making it over there. This year we finally went back, and even more exciting than that, we got to bring some special guests along with us.

A niece and a couple of nephews were in town. We kidnapped them for the afternoon, and we made them come play with us. I don’t think they minded.

With balloon fishing…





Coloring our own dragon masks…


and even more tattooing. We all had a blast!


We checked out the karate demonstration and the magic show.


And in the end we came away with our very own ninjas and a warrior princess.

DSC074582011-07-30 17.30.15DSC07455

Dragon boats 2011 was a success!

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Sweetest Of All said...

My kids have the greatest Aunt & Uncle in the whole world. (And they still wear their dragon masks around the house to try and scare me.)