Saturday, January 21, 2012

Christmas 2011- Part 2

Whoops, I just realized that I forgot to post this. Finally, here is part 2.


Part two of Christmas was Christmas day itself.  Actually I wish I could put this in three parts, with part three being our New Years celebration with Aarons parents and sister, but I don’t have any pictures of that so this is only a two parter.

This Christmas was the first Christmas with just the three of us. Both of our families were out of town, so we celebrated with just our little family. It was different, but it was still fun.

Ethan slept in on Christmas morning so we didn’t get a chance to open any presents before we went to church that day. Although, he did enjoy exploring his stocking. He was so thrilled with what he found that he didn’t even notice the presents under the tree.


Then, after church, it was naptime. Ethan slept for a couple of hours. So finally around two in the afternoon we got around to opening presents. Then we spent the next three hours doing so. My dad would have been overjoyed with how it all went down. He loves to take his time opening all of his presents. That’s exactly how Ethan wanted to do it. Ethan wanted to open a gift and then play with it before he would open another.

He was spoiled with puzzles and a coloring mat…


Even a bucket of dinosaurs, which he made sure to pull out each one and stick his finger into everyone of their mouths.


A surprise favorite of the day was his new Elmo doll. He was beyond thrilled with this gift. He thought that he had found his new best friend.


At this point, Ethan insisted on helping us open all of our presents. And no matter what Aaron and I received, Ethan would give us a disappointing look and say “Oh, shoes” and then he would get us another present to open hoping that it contained something more exciting. Funny kid.

It was a wonderful day spent with our little family.

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