Monday, December 10, 2012

Disneyland 2012

We took a last minute trip to Disneyland after Thanksgiving. We had been talking for weeks about going to Disney, but I thought that’s all it was, talk. I didn’t think that we would actually go. Then I got a wonderful surprise on Thanksgiving morning in the form of a handwritten note which led me to a PowerPoint presentation that revealed that Aaron had booked the trip. We were going to Disneyland! We had a blast!

Taking two young kids actually worked out nicely with the help of parent swap passes, fast passes, and the fact that we were there the week after thanksgiving so the park was pretty empty. Since Ethan is 40 inches tall he is officially tall enough for every ride in the park. Not that we took him on every ride, but a majority of them. Although, I’m still not sure how he felt about most of the rides. During the rides he would have his hands over his ears with a terrified look on his face. As soon as the rides were over he would run out saying “That was awesome. Let’s do it again!”

We know that he had a great time. He still says in his nightly prayers, “thank you for Disneyland, and Mickey mouse, and Minnie mouse, and Donald duck…”

I think my favorite part about this trip was seeing Ethan get excited about almost everything. Like I said, luckily we were there at a slow time so lines weren’t too long because when Ethan sees what he wants, he goes for it. Anytime he came across a character he would jump out of the stroller, scream their name... “Woody! or Mickey!” and then proceed to push everyone out of the way so he could give them a hug. Needless to say, Ethan learned a lot about taking turns and being patient on this trip.

Among Winnie the Pooh, Buzz Light year and Toy Story Mania, Dumbo was one of Ethan’s favorite rides.


Dumbo was Annabel's first official ride.



On the Carousel.


We were fortunate to come across Mickey plenty of times. This was our first Mickey sighting. Ethan was just giddy.

IMG_2705IMG_2707IMG_2708IMG_2711 copyIMG_2714 copyIMG_2715IMG_2742

While waiting in line to see Woody, Ethan kept asking if he could share his snack with him. I said sure thinking he would forgot about once it was his turn. But nope, Ethan’s first order of business was to give Woody some fruit loops. Woody graciously accepted and put them into his holster.

IMG_2745IMG_2721 copy

I think my favorite part of the picture below is Aaron’s face. He may be more excited than Ethan. Aaron was a Disney skeptic when we were first married, but after 4 visits to Disney he is officially hooked.

The parade was toy themed since it was Christmas time. A lot of the floats were Toy Story themed. Woody had his own float. Once the parade was over Ethan ran into the street, cupped his hands around his mouth and yelled “Woody, come back!” It was hilarious!

IMG_2776 copyIMG_2790 copy

Everything always tastes better when in the shape of Mickey Mouse.

IMG_2793 copy

Annabel’s first official visit with Mickey.


We were fortunate to have a Disney view from our hotel. We got to watch the fireworks from our hotel room.


Talking crush is one of Aaron and I’s favorites, I can’t say Ethan enjoyed it as much as we did. Notice hands on ears.


The new car’s land is awesome!


Meeting McQueen!


This just makes me laugh. I don’t know what it is about Donald, but he received  the same reaction from Ethan this year and last year.

donaldIMG_2944 - Copy copy

IMG_3100 copy



I can’t think of a more fun way to start celebrating the Christmas season.


Sorry Annabel, you were asleep.

IMG_3143 IMG_3148IMG_3226IMG_3214

We discovered the coolest place to watch the fireworks show. We were in line to ride Dumbo when the fireworks started. They had us exit the line during the show. We were standing between Dumbo and the carousal. We found ourselves right in the middle of the fireworks. The fireworks were going off in front of us and behind us. It was incredible.


IMG_3247 copyIMG_3259

Bubbles at the Disney Junior show. Bubbles are one of Ethan’s favorite things!


More Mickey time!


Fullscreen capture 1232012 90432 PM.bmpFullscreen capture 1232012 90405 PM.bmp


Goofy conducting the water show.

IMG_2987 copy - CopyIMG_2994 copy - CopyIMG_3022 copy - Copy

Staring Mater down.

IMG_3029 copy1 - CopyIMG_3035 - CopyIMG_3049IMG_3058

It’s probably for the best that I live nowhere near a Disney park, because if I did I might go every single day. I love Disney! I loved our Disney trip!

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