Thursday, July 17, 2014

Strawberry Loving Two Year Olds!

Annabel and my niece, Ellie, recently turned two! In fact their birthdays are just a day apart from each other. Whitney and I coincidentally were pregnant at the same time. Our due dates were two weeks apart. I came a week late. My sister came a week early. And our daughters ended up being born less than 24 hours apart from each other. Unfortunately, these two cousins live in different states and don't get to see each other too much. This year they happened to be together on their birthdays so we decided to take advantage of it since who knows how many times that will be the case (although, hopefully many times! ) And since these girls love their strawberries, we through them a little strawberry themed birthday party to celebrate them turning two!

I had way too much fun putting this little party together. Everything turned out so cute! And best of all the girls had a great time!

First on the agenda for the evening was a yummy dinner eaten at a very strawberry themed table.

 Strawberry lemonade was on the menu for the evening.

Strawberry Fanta was also available.

We ate the most delicious salad made with strawberries, balsamic rubbed grilled chicken breast, mandarin oranges, feta cheese, sesame seeds and a strawberry poppy seed dressing. Yum!

We also had delicious red pepper pesto paninis and just to mix things up a little we offered some watermelon since there were plenty of strawberries in the salad. 

After dinner it was time for games. Our first game was "picking strawberries". I had made each cousin a strawberry bucket with their name on it. I hid brachs strawberry wrapped candies around the yard. The kids got to go find them and put them in their buckets. Oh wow! This was a hit. We were re-hiding the candy all night for the kids to find. They loved playing this game!

 They were too cute picking strawberries in their matching strawberry outfits!
We eventually had to cut off the candy hiding so that we could get to our strawberry pinata before it got too dark. By the way, I am kind of obsessed with making pinatas. After I made one at my son's Lego party, I realized how easy they are to make. I love it!

Of course, we finished the night with some of my mom's famous strawberry cake! It is so delicious!

Happy Birthday you cute strawberry loving two year olds!


Matt said...

This is lauren. I am so impressed with your talent. Hopefully we will get out to denver ones of these days to be with you.

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