Friday, September 26, 2008

Retirement here we come!

We are already saving for retirement... so we figure why not start preparing for a little retirement recreation? Watch out Ned and Thelma, your nursing home intramural title is in jeopardy!

Washington Park Lawn Bowling Club!!!

Last summer we picked up the game of lawn bowling. We even went as far as purchasing our own set. We loved the game! Well it occurred to us today that we had not played at all this summer. So we dusted off our bowling set and headed over to Wash park to take advantage of the pristine lawn bowling greens.

I beat Aaron 2 out of 3 matches!!!

We try to mix it up every game for a little variety... I even beat Aaron in a game where we bowled through our legs!

Don't be fooled... Lawn Bowling can be a dangerous sport!

Unfortunately, lawn bowling is also a dying sport. Check out the 2006 championship video below (there's nothing quite like a gray-haired sport spiced up with the Mortal Kombat movie theme song). We promise that it really is an exciting time. So get out there and roll ... Together we can all keep lawn bowling alive!

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