Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Keystone... Our Home Away From Home!

Lately our Saturday consists of me sitting on the couch catching up on my grading while Aaron paces around anxiously waiting for me to finish. Our life is far from lame but has been tamed, just a little, by the start of the school year. We had such a blast this summer but now we are sadly just working for the weekend. Even our blog has felt the effects of this life change.

Well this Saturday since we were in Keystone, I decided to take the day off. I did not grade and I did not plan. And what did we do with this glorious day... absolutely nothing! It was perfect! We became entranced by the television. We are not used to having so many channels to choose from during the week. There was TLC, the History Channel, Discovery Channel, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, ESPN ocho! And of course we played our new favorite mountain game... Scrabble! Finally around 5 p.m. we figured that since we were up in the mountains that we should at least head out for a little while to pay our respects to mother nature and breathe in her wonderful mountain air. Yes we were lazy and instead of taking the bikes out for fear that we might have to actually put in some effort to climb hills, we opted for a nice walk around Lake Dillon.

It was beautiful! We even made a stop so that I could take a crash course in skipping rocks. I, sadly, had never learned how. The only unfortunate thing about this outing was the fact that we had to look across the lake at the mountains topped with newly aquired snow. It was such a tease! We are ready for ski season!!!

After that adventure we decided that we should probably eat something besides chocolate, which was the only thing we had consumed that day besides pancakes. We figured we had saved enough energy that day to cook a meal instead taking the easy route of dining out. We headed over to the local City Market and picked up a few steaks, some aspargus and mushrooms. We also picked up some sweet potatoes and yams to try our hand at making homemade chips. It turned out pretty good.

I can't wait for our next Keystone trip.


Christina said...

We love to hear about all of your little adventures - so fun!

Honey said...

You guys are a lot more fun than Ryan and I were when we first were married...or ever! :) Such good ideas - very inspiring!

Tyler and Hillary said...

Fun! I haven't looked at your blog in a while. And I am so excited that you are coming to Vegas! Just let me know when and we will need to meet up for sure. We live in a good spot, right in the middle of everything, yet just far away enough that its a good neighborhood.

Tyler and Hillary said...

oh yeah, what are you coming here for?