Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Treasure Hunt!

Aaron and I headed up to the mountains this past weekend. We really wanted to get in a few more runs on the ski slope before the season is over. Well seeing how no one could remember the last time it had actually snowed up at Keystone, you can only imagine how exciting the skiing was.

We looked around the resort for some other form of entertainment. Tubing crossed our mind, maybe ice skating we thought, but something else entirely caught our attention! The Keystone GEO Cache experience. (Mostly this caught our eye because it was the only free activity.)

We borrowed a GPS unit, typed in a pre-determined GPS coordinate, and we were on our way!

It was a couple miles of walking along snow covered hiking and biking trails.

We ended up tracking two destination points.

Point #1

Point #2

Apparently the whole GEO Cahce thing is pretty popular around the world. Although it was neat to try, I am not sure that we will try our hand at this again anytime soon. We mostly just enjoyed walking together on a beautiful mountain day.


Honey said...

I love that last picture - so pretty.

The Mathews said...

ANG!! We totally go Geocaching! It's one of our favorite things to do together! And now, we take Grant along! I am glad to see someone else who enjoyed it. Remember the statue on campus of the person playing guitar by the library? Well, there was a cache in the guitar! haha anyway- I miss you!