Saturday, March 14, 2009

We Moved!

We had been keeping our eyes open for a new place for a while. We figured it wouldn't hurt to save some money this year. We hadn't found anything worth moving for until last month. At the end of February, we found a great deal on a pretty great apartment. We were so excited! We called our landlord to let him know we were moving at the end of the month. We started packing and slowly moving into our new apartment a few boxes at a time. About two weeks after we had contacted our landlord, the day after we had signed the lease AND paid the deposit at our new place, he informs us that he would like us to stay so he would be willing to reduce our rent by $200 a month. Needless to say our excitement definitely dwindled. Even though we would still be saving more at our new place, it was a bummer to realize that the savings really wouldn't be much, taking into consideration the costs of moving and furnishing our new place. Then came the real kicker, in a conversation we had with our old landloard after the move, he admitted that he should have just absorbed the deposit at the new place since he would be losing a month without a renter anyway. All in all, we wouldn't have had to move, lose any money, and we would have saved money!

Well after all of the drama, here we are a few weeks after our move and we are loving it. There are a few things that I still miss about our old place like...

My old kitchen! It was beautiful and perfect!

Here is my new kitchen. Aaron and I can barely fit in it at the same time!

But the new place has its perks. Check out my closets! Yes, CLOSETS! I have 5 huge, beautiful closets.

Check out my old closet... or should I say lack of closet! Yea, I am not sad about leaving that behind!

All in all it has been a good change. If things go as planned you may be hearing about another move soon. Hopefully we will be getting a HOME of our very own sometime in the near future!


Honey said...

Wait a second here! A new home in Denver, right? Besides the one year Aaron had left on his mission, since we've been married, we've always lived near Aaron...(would that make him our favorite brother..??) :)

So happy your new place is working out. And, LOVE those closets!!

Katherine said...

Congrats you two. Can't wait to see the new place. Love you.

p.s. Happy Birthday Angela

Jennie said...

What? Where would the new move be? Where are you looking to buy?

Angela and Aaron said...

We are not planning on moving out of Denver. We love it here! We are just looking for a place that we could buy as an investment property. We would live in it for a few years and then one day down the road after we have a few kids and move out of the city, we could just rent it out.