Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Living Room

1 sick husband + 1 out of town wife = 1 VERY messy living room!

This is our living room. This is our mattress in our living room. This is my husband on our mattress in our living room. This is where my husband has been for the past four days.
The End.

P.S. Get better soon!


Honey said...

Poor Aaron! That really stinks - hope he gets better soon.

I love your living room! Messy or not, I love the colors, decor and set up. Super cute.

jtibs said...

Looks like a college apartment. I'm surprised he could get the mattress out there when he's so sick. Glad to hear its not Swine flu.

Christina said...

Feel better soon!

Katherine said...

Sorry he's so sick. Feel better Aaron. Love you both very much. And I agree with Honey, super cute apartment.

Jennie said...

Oh, that is sadly hilarious. Did you guys get new couches? I like them.