Thursday, February 25, 2010

Echo's, X-rays and EKG's... Oh my!

In exactly four weeks from today I will have a baby boy of my very own. March 26 to be exact. This is fantastic news! Granted this means that I will have to have a C-Section, which has taken me a few weeks to come to terms with. (Who would have ever thought that I would be sad about not being able to deliver the other way.) I have been having plenty of contractions this past week, nothing too painful more just annoying than anything. But there was one that killed my back and it totally freaked me out. So maybe this C-section is a blessing in disguise because who knows if I can handle the more natural way. I am also currently under the impression that having this baby boy on the outside will be a lot better than having him on the inside. This C-Section will help get that done sooner. Although, people keep telling me to get ready for crazy days and sleepless nights. And though this may be true I am sticking to my naivety because I am done sharing my body!

I know that I haven't blogged much about this pregnancy; this is mostly due to the fact that I don’t want to remember it. Besides the wonderful fact that this baby has grown to be perfectly healthy and strong, nothing about this pregnancy has been normal. That is why I take comfort in complaining about ugly maternity pants and my inability to put on shoes these days because it makes me feel like I am just another typical pregnant woman. But even with all this crazy sickness that has been thrust upon me these past months I would still like to have more kids someday. So I figure that if I don't write down what I have been going through chances are I will be less likely to remember. Then someday I may actually try this whole pregnancy thing again.

But I feel like sharing with you the events of this past week/month. I don’t think writing them down will hinder my chances of having more children in the future. In fact I find them kind of funny. They really aren’t funny and they could have been potentially fatal for the baby, but I still can’t help but find humor in the situation. Or maybe I am just going crazy which could definitely be an option here.

See this past week has warranted two trips to the hospital. I have been having these fainting spells recently. I have passed out 5 times in the last month. And on a regular basis I can get pretty light headed. Now I doubt that I would have ever thought to go to the hospital for this, but the first time this landed me a night at the hospital I happened to be there taking a tour of the labor and delivery wing with my childbirth class. We were walking along, everything was great, and then I felt it coming on. First I start to get really hot. Then comes the weakness and dizziness. Next I start seeing white spots and that’s when I know that I need to brace myself because I’m going down. Luckily Aaron was right there this particular time so he grabbed me a wheelchair just in time. But of course the doctors wanted to check everything out to make sure we, the baby and I, were alright. And we were.

Then a week goes by, and it was a tough week. I think I had the flu because I was back to being constantly nauseous and I even threw up a few times. Yuck! Then on Tuesday I headed to my latest prenatal appointment which went great. But before leaving the office I thought I would take one last trip to the bathroom so I could run some errands on the way home. As I started to head to the bathroom I could feel all of the symptoms coming on. I figured that I still had plenty of time before I would faint, but this time it all came on so fast. The last thing I remember was walking into the stall and then I went down. On the way down I hit my nose, so hard, on the toilet seat. (See isn’t that just hilarious!) But after I was discovered and cleaned up-there was a lot of nose blood-I was shipped on over to the labor and delivery wing again to make sure the baby and I were alright.

I don’t remember hitting my belly on the way down, which the doctors were most concerned about, but I also don’t remember hitting my knee which has been in some serious pain since the incident. So now I am doing the pregnant waddle with this sort of limp plus I have a swollen nose. I am all sorts of attractive these days.

They did x-ray the nose and it is broken. It’s nothing too bad or that may even require any fixing. I don’t even have a black eye. Although, I wish that I had taken a picture of myself yesterday morning. I woke up with my eyes pretty much swollen shut and my nose so huge it was taking over my entire face. (Again quite hilarious!)

I spent a sleepless night at the hospital hooked to monitors making sure the baby was alright. I can’t tell you how many times I heard the phrase, “the baby looks great!” So I was thrilled. They performed numerous tests to try and figure out what could be causing the fainting. Echo, EKG, and all sorts of blood tests. The current diagnosis is that I am having circulation issues in my legs and that apparently I am having trouble getting the blood from my feet back to my heart and brain. So for now I get to wear these super attractive compression tights, which supposedly my Grandma Pearson also wears (again so funny!) These will hopefully solve this fainting problem.

So I am just going to be taking it easy these days.


Jennie said...

Oh my word Angela. I am so glad that you can still say you want more after all this. Good attitude.

Christina said...

That sounds so awful - I can't believe your nose is broken. I will be glad when you have that baby boy on the outside too. I can't believe how rough this pregnancy has been for you. You're in our thoughts and prayers.

Sweetest Of All said...

Best of luck with that blood pressure. And although no one thinks my fainting stories are very funny, I think yours do dabble a little in the hilarious - although I'm sad you broke your nose. And as far as remembering goes, God has perfected a woman's heart to remember the best of having babies. After Sydney's birth, I thought nothing in the world could take away the memory of that pain. And yet the next day I could hardly describe it. I labored two and a half days with Cameron, and again can't remember hardly anything but what I wrote down. I rather like that part of motherhood - the part where I brain sifts through the bad stuff as funny and the good stuff as even better!

Honey said...

You get Mother of the Year! Seriously, you have been such a trooper. You may not forget all you've been through, but somehow we forget just enough to do it again! And, hopefully it will be easier :) Thanks for helping us out and bringing a cousin our way! Hopefully it will be the year of the boys? :) Come on blue!

Erin said...

Ang, I am glad you are finding these memories funny!!! I want to see a picture of you and Aaron that is more recent. :) I am so excited for you to have a little boy and so soon. Good luck with the next few weeks. :)