Monday, March 8, 2010

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish... New Fish! -Dr. Seuss Baby Shower

I have been spoiled when it has come to baby showers. So far I have had 2 showers and a possible 3rd one is in the works for next week.

Baby Shower #1: Brunch with the ladies. I had such a fun time getting together with some of the girls in my ward for a Saturday afternoon lunch. It was good food and great company! Thanks girls! I wish we had an excuse to get together every Saturday!

Baby Shower #2: My mother went all out for this! The baby's nursery is Dr. Seuss themed (and if I ever finish decorating it I will post some pics. I'm just waiting for the nesting to kick in.) In honor of the Dr. Seuss nursery I was given a Dr. Seuss baby shower. It was so fun! Check out all of the awesome cupcakes and cool decorations! Thanks mom!

I still can't believe that Baby Hunt is almost here! Only 18 days to go!


The Schanz Family said...

Ang!! What a cute baby shower theme! LOVE IT! can't wait to see pictures of your new little one!

Lydia Story said...

Holy cow!!! That is one amazingly cute baby shower!! What a great mother you have. So good to see a picture of you. Good luck with the weeks to come!

Honey said...

Your mom did such a great job - it looks awesome! Your nursery is adorable. I can't wait to meet him!

{what is bird in a cage bride?} said...

that was such a cute shower!! and you look adorable! good luck in the next couple of weeks!

Lydia Story said...

Do you mind if I share this amazing shower on my blog? I was telling my sister about it and would love to link this post to my blog.

Angela and Aaron said...

Lydia- Go ahead! That's fine with me. I'll have to let my mom know you were so impressed. It will make her day!

P.S. I didn't even know that you had a blog. I'll have to check it out.