Tuesday, June 1, 2010

You're Never Too Young for a Concert, Right?

*Recent posts havent exactly made us look like parents of the year. I'm not sure this post will help us win any awards either. But maybe someday it will help make Ethan think that we are cool parents ;)

Saturday Aaron, Ethan, and I headed down to 16th Street to check out Denver's Art Festival. It was a lot of fun!

Here are a few pieces that we thought were pretty cool...

Todd VanFleet was my favortie artist. I loved the bikes!

Rick and Linda Bachman were Aaron's favorite. He loved the clocks!

Well not only was the Art Festival going on downtown, it was also Denver's Day of Rock. There were bands playing all along 16th. So after checking out the art and getting a little dinner we decided to check out the free Five For Fighting concert.

Well it turns out that Ethan isn't a Five For Fighting fan. This was Ethan's face the entire time. I think he may have been scared for his life. So we didn't get to stay for the entire show, just long enough to listen to a few good songs.

It was a fun Saturday. I think we may wait a few years before we take Ethan to another concert :)

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Jennie said...

I think it is great you guys are making the effort to get out even with a new little one. It can be hard and so some parents just don't do it.