Monday, June 7, 2010

Our Favorite!

Every Summer we look forward to one event more than any other. The Chalk Art Festival! It wasn't our first, nor our second, not even our third time going. This year was the fourth year in a row that Aaron and I have been.

I have to say though that this time I walked away a little disappointed.

It may have been due to the rain. Although it brought out two cool rainbows.

Or the fact that Gelazzi our favorite gelato place had closed down and moved to Houston. At least they had a little stand so we were still able to get a yummy treat.

Although as I look back at the photos we took I am not really sure why I was disappointed, because there were some pretty cool drawings.

Now of course the highlight of the night was sneaking into the Kids Corner, stealing chalk, and making our own creation. We have always done our hand prints. This year with the new addition to the family we traced the new hand (Well we pretended to trace his hand. Also Sorry your E is pink Ethan, it was the only chalk we could find.)

And now I will leave you with a photomontage of my son, because who wouldn't want to stare at him all day :)


Honey said...

You guys have some awesome traditions! Very cool.

Christina said...

Ethan's so cute - can't wait to see you guys!

The Mathews said...

Ang, he is SOOO cute! I love that little romper- Henry has the same one :) Also- I love the chalk drawing with the metal pole thing. AMAZING!!!

the binghams. said...

i can't wait to go next year! i love reading about your fun denvery things and know i'll be there next time around!

ethan is SO cute! i love those last couple of pics especially!