Saturday, April 16, 2011


Yep, we actually got to go skiing this year. I knew that with Ethan joining our family this last year that it would be difficult to get up the mountain. We did buy a few passes just in case. Finally at the very end of the ski season, we were able to use those passes a couple of times.

2011-03-26 13.45.48

One of our weekends on the mountain, Ethan actually got to join us! Luckily his buddy was there to play with, as well as share gloves and boots that we forgot to bring- whoops!

 2011-03-26 12.55.32 2011-03-26 13.26.37

Ethan had so much fun! I can’t wait till next year when we can actually get him on his own skis!

2011-03-26 16.13.432011-03-26 13.31.20  2011-03-26 13.44.37 

I guess just watching people ski can be exhausting. The kids were out before the day was over.

2011-03-26 15.18.002011-03-26 15.36.472011-03-26 15.37.21

I’m so glad that we got to go skiing. I almost forgot how much I love it! Nah, I could never forget that :)

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