Thursday, April 14, 2011


*Luckily for you, I’m guessing you have seen enough Disney on this blog lately, I have postponed all of my Disney blogging. See, I have some fun videos to share from our Disney trip. I had put all blogging on hold so I could figure out my video camera.  I have officially given up and am now declaring the my video camera is smarter than me. So until my husband has time to show me how to use the fancy new camera he bought, Disney will be on hold. In order to get caught up on everything but Disney I am blogging and I am not stopping until I am done. I probably have about a weeks worth of posts to share. So enjoy getting caught up with these Hunts for the next week.

After Disney, like a day or two after, I hoped on another plane, but this time I headed for Kansas City. My mom, Ethan and I went to spend a few days with my sister Whitney and her baby girl, Kate.

Most of our time was spent helping Whitney do a lot of house hunting- which turned out to be unsuccessful. But it was still fun, especially for Cousin Kate since she got to be my model. That girl can sure strike a pose!


Although, here are the kids at the end of the day. Not so enthused.


We also ate, shopped, and even ran into a good friend of ours. We are all too familiar with this guy at our house- The Cat in the Hat. Cousin Kate, in pure excitement, walked around the entire book store holding a Cat in the Hat book telling everyone in sight that she was about to meet the Cat. As soon as he appeared she started screaming, SCARY! SCARY! and she wanted nothing to do with him. Ethan on the other hand, fresh off his trip to Disney where he met almost every character, was about to jump out of my mothers arms in excitement at meeting this feline that he shares his room with. It was pretty hilarious.

DSC02767 DSC02774 

Then we even had the pleasure of getting Whitney and Kate to come play with us here in Denver for a few days. We all hopped in the car and took the 10 hour road trip from Kansas to Colorado so we could come back here to do more eating, more shopping, and more cousin play time! It was so fun to get together!


McKendricks said...

Hey Angela, I wish I could have seen you when you came to Kansas! Where is your sister looking to buy a house? Matt and I live in Olathe, which is about 30 minutes from downtown.

Aaron and Angela said...

I forgot that you guys moved back there. Shoot, that would have been so fun to see you! My sister lives in Lawerence. Her husband is going to law school at KU.