Thursday, June 21, 2012


Since I am getting updated I thought I would go through my phone to see what else I have documented from the last few months. Here is what I found…

Our fort day. I built a fort for Ethan one day when he was super sick. He needed some cheering up, and this was the perfect solution :)

2012-03-20 15.25.27

Ethan watching out the window for Aaron to come home from work. This is almost a daily occurrence. I love how this picture shows the joy on Ethan’s face when Aaron walks through the door. He loves his dad.

2012-04-02 18.17.41

Ethan drew train tracks in the backyard so Ethan could play with his trains outside.


Ethan dancing at the Rockies game.

2012-04-12 14.18.20

Ethan bent over terrified of the butterflies at the butterfly pavilion. Although, all the way home he kept going on and on about how he touched the butterflies. “I touch it, butterfly!” He would say as if he were so proud of himself. In reality I don’t think he even came close to touching one :)

2012-04-16 14.25.23

An ice cream date with his mom.

2012-05-23 12.54.012012-05-23 12.57.02

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