Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sneaking out!

Our sprinklers are timed to go off at 7 p.m. every night. That is about the same time that we start getting Ethan ready for bed. The other night I got him a new diaper, put on his pj shirt, and then I got distracted by a phone call. Next thing I know Ethan is no where to be found, at least inside the house. Where was he found? Outside running through the sprinklers. I guess this 100 degree heat is getting to him.

IMG_1136 copyIMG_1138 copyIMG_1155 copyIMG_1157 copy

I couldn’t help but get out my camera and take a few pictures. This boy just cracks me up.

IMG_1147 copy


Honey said...

That is pure joy in that last picture. Too cute.

Lydia Story said...

The last hours of a summer day are the best. He is so cute!