Saturday, July 26, 2008

Brotherly Love!

What is little brother to do when mom is out of town playing grandma, and dad is out of town on business???? Big sister to the rescue!

My mom left town this week to visit my sister Whitney, her husband Phil and their new baby, Kate Pemberton! Congrats sis! Kate was born on July 15 and weighed 6 lbs 14 oz. She is the first baby in the Wray fam so I figure I can brag!

So that left me in charge of Jeff! I had a blast this week hanging out with my younger brother. We stayed pretty busy as we played all over the city of Denver. First, was a trip to Eltich Gardens. We rode roller coaster after roller coaster. I was surprised at the strength of my stomach considering how last year's carnival experience led to a few close calls, if you catch my drift. I would have to say that the highlight of the day was when I GOT CUT IN HALF!!! Yes, I was asked to be in the magic show and I blindly said yes! Next thing I knew, I was laying in a box and they were about to shove a giant blade through the middle of my body. I had never been so nervous in my entire life. Don't worry, I am still alive and in one piece although, I am sad to say that after this experience I still have no idea how the trick is done. I literally just laid there. My brother who was so fascinated by the trick forgot to take a picture :(

Are you ready for the boomerang!!!

Do not drop missiles from the ferris wheel! You will be asked to leave the park (If you are still alive!)

Half pipe! I am sick just looking at it!

Our next adventure was the Rockies game! Aaron, a few of the people he home teaches, and my sister joined us for the game. After my brother complained all day that we were going to have to sit in the Rockpile (the cheap seats with no backs), he apologized after the game saying that he had tons of fun. He is now spreading a rumor that he started a wave that went around the entire park 15 times! Reality: The wave went around probably three times and it was started by someone sitting close to us;) Sorry Jeff!

This was followed by a sleepover which involved slurpees, of course! It also involved the viewing of what used to be our favorite movie, Jimmy Neutron! The next day was full of sports. We started the day with a bike ride and some tennis. Afterwards we hit up the bowling alley. "Mr. 300" didn't have that great of a game. Check out our scores! I totally beat him! This was a first so I have to brag. After bowling we played a little golf. It makes me sick that Jeff can drive a par 3 hole onto the green with a pitching wedge. I have a 60 yard advantage, and I can still only hit it 20 yards with a driver, and I am no where near the green. Golf is not my sport.

I am the one with a 105!!!

Check out Jeff's hole in one ;)

We had a blast reminiscing about old times. I even gave him some dating advice. Yikes! I can't believe that he is almost 16! It was great to get in some brother-sister bonding time.

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Jennie said...

That's great, we took my little brother to Elitches when he came to visit a couple of weeks ago as well. I remember going to the little magic show also, I wasn't the volunteer.