Friday, July 18, 2008


If you are familiar with the acronym of SYTYCD then you and I just might be best friends! This quite possibly could be the most ridiculous thing that I have posted about, but I am still not ashamed. Anyone who knows me well would tell you that I can get obsessed a little crazy about some things. For example, I have an undying love for Disney and one Disney princess in particular... Belle! I dreamed as a child ...(and as an adult), of one day being able to sign autographs for little children, in a beautiful yellow dress, in the most magical place on earth! So far, this dream has amounted to attending a few Halloween parties dressed in yellow polyester and to earning the chance to be the surprise guest at the birthday party of an apartment manager's daughter while in college. I think that will have to do (for now).

I also became quite enthusiastic about a show that has become the phenomenon known as American Idol! Aaron witnessed (and survived) my AI enthusiasm for the first time this year as I, week after week, squeezed his hand tightly and held my breath in an almost-about-to-pass-out manner during each results show. I worked myself into a frenzy during the finale, almost to the point of nausea, just hoping that my fav, David Cook, would win. I mean, after the Chris Daughtry disaster year, I didn't know if I would make it. Good thing Cook won this year... my faith has been restored in America!

Oh and how could I forget my Grease experience! In a show that was picking the leads of Sandy and Danny for the Broadway musical Grease, I feel in love with two of the contestants, Laura and Max. My excitement for this show was at it's best. I experienced similar side effects to the American Idol seasons. Although, the after affects of this show had a greater impact on my life. This show led to a trip to New York City to see the Broadway musical with my two favorite winners. It also led to a night of me pushing through crowd of a hundred fans in hopes of catching a glimpse at these two. This paid off, as I got to hug Max and he signed my play bill!

Yes, I am wearing a Go Max T-shirt!

Now I promise that I really don't watch much TV - I am not a fan of just vegging out... (well, not entirely true- put in a Numb3rs DVD and I am gone for hours!) But for the most part, random TV watching isn't my thing. I watch TV as an active participant, planning and anticipating my show every week, expecting that what I watch is going to captivate me.

So what show is captivating me now? What show is causing my life to be in a "Belle" like craze, okay I'll admit it, a "Belle" like obsession! With American Idol in its off season, the choice is obvious: So You Think You Can Dance!! Come Wednesday night, there I am with the TV on at 6:45 waiting for that wonderful tune "Da da da da da da dada," to ring in my ears (if you watched you would know what I am talking about.) Every moment of those two hours, from 7-9 pm, are glorious! On the rare occasion that Aaron is sitting by my side during the show, I am pretty sure that he is more entertained by me than the show. I yell at the contestants for being lame, yell at the judges for making the wrong comment, and yell when the dances are awesome! If Aaron conveniently finds something else to do on Wednesday evening... don't worry I make sure to pull up my favorite dances on YouTube after the show, and he watches! He has even learned that he should get excited about the dances I like... What a good husband! Note: That only came after his first experience of video watching when all he mumbled after one of my all-time favorite dances was, "Oh, that was good." Yikes! That didn't go over too well.

Well now that you know about this show... you have to watch it! And vote for Katee, she is my favorite. Although, Chelsea is a close runner up. Below are my three favorite dances from the show this year so far. You have to check them out!!! And feel free to check back every Thursday for the next few weeks, as I might add some more!


Jennie said...

Uh, pretty sure those are our favorite shows as well. Wed and Thurs are set apart for it. If not later with tivo and no commercials. Those are two good favorites. Although I must say that I will be sad every week now because I love all the guys that are left!

Nisa said...

Okay I don't know anything about You Think You Can Dance, and now that I have kids I can't yell at the T.V. or they get worried that I'm not being nice. But I do think you are an adorable Belle Princess and you are invited to our house as Belle anytime. Sydney would absolutely DIE ! Maybe that next vacation you guys take should be to San Antonio.

Christina said...

I want to hear more about your Grease experience - how cool is that! I did know what SYTYCD meant - so I hope we can be friends (does it count if I don't watch it)!

Honey said...

I want to watch you watch SYTYCD! It sounds like you just might get as ridiculously competetive as I do (but for me it's games - which you've probably noticed by now...).