Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Celebrate In 2008! Wray Family Reunion!

This past weekend we were able to spend the 4th of July in Utah with my family. It was the annual Wray family reunion. They made the announcement at the reunion that this was our 25th family reunion! Which means I have been to every single one (well I almost made it to the 1st!) Aaron wasn't sure what to think when a couple months back I had emailed him the, no lie, 10 page itinerary for the weekend. It was fair to say that he was more than a little intimidated. But I wasn't worried I knew that he would have a blast... which he did. Aaron being the biggest kid of all, I couldn't find him half of the time because he was in a water fight or nerf gun war or ping pong tournament with one of my cousins. The weekend started out with opening ceremonies where this year instead of matching t-shirts it was matching sweatshirts!

We had a lot of fun activities like water day with every water game you could imagine and of course a giant water slide. We played water volleyball, water baseball, water balloon toss, a pass the water behind your back without looking to fill up the bucket game, a squirt gun threw a hole game to fill up your bucket the fastest, and of course Aaron's favorite, put your head threw a hole in a cardboard box and get sponges thrown at your face... welcome to the family Aaron!

We also had our annual fun run where Aaron and I took first place in the mile run of our age category. We received a case of Country Time Strawberry Lemonade which I then donated to the cousin store. Not that I didn't appreciate the gift but it was more than 3 oz and I thought that I may have some difficulties taking it on the plane. And oh yes, I couldn't forget about the cousin store. The kids always get to earn "money" throughout the reunion by helping out and then they get to spend it on candy and toys at the cousin store.

Happy 5th of July! Unfortunately due to some intense winds we were not able to play with fireworks on the 4th but we still enjoyed it on the 5th.

Aaron throwing poppers at my cousins :)

Lighting sparklers!

This year we were able to get some girl time in to make cards. It was a lot of fun. The boys got their time too. They had a golfing tournament but my mom and I decided that we would tag along. We played a game of best ball. I was on a team with my dad, mom and cousin Bryan. Most of the shots we took were from Bryan. But I had one drive that saved us... no not a putt but a drive!!! Yea it was awesome!

Of course the highlight of the reunion was the lip sync contest. I am pretty sure this is the one thing that we complain the most about but yet it is our favorite! We have been doing this every year since I was 12. My sisters and I did a dance to the song "Don't Turn Around" by Ace of Base. We are still reminded of that every year! This year we had an American Idol theme. The performers were interviewed by our cousin Aaron(not my husband) and then critiqued by three of our other cousins. Then this year there was an added bonus. If you sang you got to pick some money from my uncles coat. Wow! For some highlights on this years lip sync check out the video below. Unfortunately I didn't get everyones on tap but here is just some of what I had. Heads up it is about 3 minutes.

We were also able to celebrate my grandparents 50th anniversary by playing a jeopardy game on their life and love, watching a video slide show of pictures from their life and presenting them with a scrapbook of those pictures. Happy 50th grandma!

We played a lot of games, ate a lot of food and watched a lot of movies. It was as fun as ever and I can't wait until next year!


Nisa said...

dang I wanna go next year. especially if i can throw sponges at aaron.

Honey said...

Now that's a family reunion! Looks like such a fun time - way to go Wrays!