Sunday, August 10, 2008

Mountain Olympics!

So this weekend Aaron and I finally made it up to the mountains. We had been hoping to go camping but with all of this rain we didn't want to take our chances. Instead we headed up to Keystone and stayed at my parents' condo. We started off the weekend by watching the ridiculously amazing opening ceremonies of the Olympics which then inspired us to have our own Olympics.

Here were a few of the events.

First we started off with some cycling.

Next we considered swimming.

After forgoing that event, we headed over to get our BMX on!

Then beach volleyball???

And for the main event... Paddle Boating!!!

This event had three heats. First was the timed individual race. Be warned that fast pedaling can cause rapid tiring of the legs!

Next was Man vs. Animal! They totally schooled us!

Finally was the obstacle course. We had to maneuver between the water fountains without hitting the wildlife.

We ended the day with some Cup Stacking and Phase 10!!!

It was a great weekend! Go USA!!!


Honey said...

I say, you guys are in charge of the activities and games for the family reunion next year. You guys are pretty clever!

Nisa said...

You too are bizarre, but cute. Very very cute.