Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hot Dog! The search for Denver's finest...

School is out! Summer has officially started! This summer Aaron and I have some pretty big plans. But before I divulge these plans to you, we have a slightly disgusting confession to make... We LOVE hot dogs! It has been a life long love for both of us.

Angela- "While in high school, my best friend's mother would always buy an extra pack of hot dogs to keep around her house just in case I stopped by for an afternoon snack."

Aaron- "I loved them so much as a child that I would eat them cold, straight out of the bag. Later on, my affinity for "the dog" was lost after a bad round of mac & weenies that was more weenies than mac. Since then I've regained my taste - there's nothing quite like a hot dog covered in mustard and onions at a ball game."

So this summer we have dedicated ourselves to finding the BEST that Denver has to offer.

Now what would the best hot dog look like to us?

Angela- A cold poppy seed bun, grilled dog with mustard, NO ketchup, with relish and sauerkraut.

Aaron- A steamed white bun, grilled dog with mustard, ketchup, chopped onions and occasionally sweet relish. All washed down with a cold root beer.

To help find the perfect hot dog, after long deliberation, we have come up with a special judging system. At each new hot dog establishment, we will evaluate the dogs on the following criteria:

  • Value (Is the price of the dog worth what you get?)
  • Presentation (Does it actually look like something I would want to eat?)
  • Preparation (Grilled, boiled, microwaved, or other?)
  • Ambiance (Am I afraid of walking out of this place with some type of disease?)
  • Taste (Flavor heaven or could it replace soap as a punishment for swearing?)

Each dog will receive an overall score on a scale of 1 to 5 weenies. Besides a blog update, we'll keep track of where we have been on the side bar.

Here is a preliminary list of joints we have lined up:

  • Steve's Snappin' Dogs
  • Mustard's Last Stand
  • Bernie's Hot Dog Company
  • Coors Field
  • Hot dog stand on the corner of... to be determined
  • Meyers and Wolfe Fine Hot Dog and Hamburgers
  • Chicago Style Beef and Dogs
  • Hardware Store Challenge (Ace Hardware/Home Depot)
We are still looking for places to add to this list so if you have any suggestions please let us know!
And if you happen to "relish" the occasional hot dog, come join us on one of our weekly adventures!

So get excited for our summer of hot dogs! Look forward to our first review next week!


jtibs said...

If you make it out to California again soon you'll have to try Pink's in Hollywood. They have so many gourmet hot dogs its hard to choose just one.

Glo said...

I love a good hot dog, J dawgs in provo are probably at the top of my list, they converted me to a life long appreciation of hot dogs. I cant wait to find out the best place in denver...

the binghams. said...

that is SO funny. I have one rule about hot dogs (ok besides that they are not cold- EW!) but i cannot prepare them myself. I want a hot dog either while camping or at a ball game- pretty much no where else.

Katherine said...

May I suggest J-Dawgs local to Provo. I find them particularly delectable. Also, Cost-Co dogs are surprisingly good. Although the ambiance there might not be enticing as other places. Let me know which one wins! Love you