Saturday, May 16, 2009

Ode to Skiing

(Better late than never! Written a month ago.)

I just took this picture out of my living room window. It is approximately 2:00 pm on a Friday afternoon. This must mean that either 1. I am sick or 2. there was actually a snow day for the Douglas County School District. Yes my friends, it was #2. At about 11:30 this morning they announced that school was out for the day! I don't think our school had ever been in so much chaos. Kids were jumping and screaming at the top of their lungs. I actually heard a kid scream, "School is out forever!" Well sorry to disappoint you kid it is only a half day. I also heard "FINALLY!" yelled A LOT! There is a rumor circulating the sixth grade that our superintendent is from Alaska and that is why we NEVER get a snow day, not matter how badly needed. Well I guess our Eskimo friend finally caved. Here I am at home.

Now you would think that besides the 5 minutes today that I was scared for my life as I thought that I was going to get flattened by the mad rush of kids for the front door, that my joy level should be sky rocketing! But I find myself a little somber today. It is the end of April and the ski season has run its course for the year. Days like today pump me up for what is awaiting in the mountains, but I knew not to get excited because there would be nothing awaiting me. Aaron and I said goodbye to ski season 2009 two weeks ago up in Vail.

It was a great way to end the season! Another POWDER day! My favorite!

So in order to lighten my mood here is an ode to ski season 2009:

We will miss you and...

... your not so friendly Europeans that think they own the mountain. It is not a mad rush to the front of the lift line. We take turns in America. ONE AT A TIME!

... your PINK EASE bus that ever so nicely dropped us off the at the bottom of the mountain house- thus skipping the long walk through Keystones ski village in SKI BOOTS!

... Keystones infamous Mozart run that is always undoubtedly icy and crowded and luckily a means to an end, because there is no way I would ever attempt this run if it wasn't the only way to get to Keystones wonderful backside.

... your wonderful powder days that make me stop and enjoy my surroundings. They even entice me to actually fall down so I can roll around in the snow like a giddy little kid.

... your overly priced chili cheese fries, because there is nothing better after a long hard day on the slopes (well maybe the hot tub). Their delicious smell gets me every time.

... your acceptance of me no matter how much I complained of your freezing cold weather on some of your seemingly endless lift rides... a big thank you to the inventor of hand and foot warmers!

... your ability to bring out all of the ridiculous hats that exist in the world. Check out this wanna be unicorn.

It truly was another successful year! We can't wait to see what adventures next season will bring!

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