Monday, August 2, 2010

Ethan's Room

Here is Ethan's Room! You may have seen this on Ethan's blog, but don't stop reading here. I have added some new things. Plus, I need some advice so make sure you finish this post.

I love this room for so many reasons. One of the main reasons that I love this room is that even though it is definitely leaning towards the boy side of things it could be gender neutral if I needed it to be. We only have a two bedroom house. So if down the road, way down the road, when we have another and it happens to be a girl, I wont have a problem putting both kids in this room. I also love this room, because it is something that he can grow with. It is not something that I am going to have to change in a year because he has grown out of it. I love this nursery.

Everything in this room was purchased WAY on clearance. Really the only thing that I splurged on was the bedding. I got the Pottery Barn Dr. Seuss collection. I love it! Originally I was hesitant about a Dr. Seuss theme, but I purchased the bedding anyway just in case. Well it sat in the nursery for months. I ended up purchasing numerous other bedding sets. Then the day came when I needed to make a decision, because I had only one day left to return them. So I tried this out on the crib and I was sold. It was perfect and it still is!

Here is the changing table. This is only the third table that I purchased and made Aaron assemble. The baskets were from my mother and they were a TJ Maxx purchase.

Like I said everything was purchased way on clearance. This chair included. We already had a chair that we were going to get reupholstered, because we found someone to do it for cheap. But one day we walked into Babies R Us and saw this on clearance for $100. It matched perfectly so we decided to purchase it. Then we get to the register and they took an additional 30% off. So we got this chair for $70, originally $350. Sweet!

We have a lot of Dr. Seuss books in the room. We took advantage of Dr. Seuss week at Walmart. The board books were purchased, from there, for $1. The stuffed animals were purchased from Kohls for $5. The bookshelf we already had. The baskets I've had since college, but I just added some ribbon.

Lots of fun accessories. We purchased the light switch plate and garbage can from Amazon. The big Dr. Seuss painting is what inspired this entire room. It was used in my brothers bedroom when he was little and my mom kept it all these years. The small pictures above the crib are just stickers the I stuck on a white piece of paper and framed. The clock was something that we already had, we just added some stickers to it.

Here is my newest addition to the nursery, a mobile. I couldn't find a mobile that I liked that also matched the room so I decided to make one. I'm not sure that I am in love with it, but Ethan loves it! That's all that matters. The Dr. Seuss mobile pieces are double sided. I purchased them from a teacher store. The total cost of this mobile was $3. Nothing on this mobile, the ribbon, the paint, the wood, cost more than $0.30. It is just hanging from the ceiling.

So I hope you are still with me, because this is where I need some advice. I loved the nursery and I felt that it was complete, but then one day I got the idea to add something to the wall. Here is a before shot.- Side note, the armour was purchased from Babies R Us for $50, originally $200. It doesn't match the rest of the room but for that price who cares! And check out the fun knobs that we added!

Well here is an after picture. My idea was to add pages from Dr. Seuss books to the wall. I found a 300 page Dr. Seuss book on Amazon for $4. I have pages from Horton Hears a Who, the Sneetches, If I Ran the Zoo, and Dr. Seuss Sleep Book. The only problem is that we have super tall ceilings. So the wall is kind of intense. It really didn't take too long to put up. I haven't made it permanent yet. It is just being held up with tape at the moment. This is where I need some advice. Do I keep it? Maybe I just take it down and decoupage the door of the armour. What do you think? Maybe I just scrap it altogether. Let me know your thoughts.

Thanks for taking this tour of my house with me. I hoped you enjoyed it! I know I haven't shown you our bedroom yet, but like I said it is not finished. Just a bed, dresser, and chair. Not too exciting. But my plan is to start working on it this week! So as soon as I complete it I will let you see!


Sweetest Of All said...

I vote to decoupage dresser. That's a seriously visually stimulating wall!

Carla said...

Ethan's room looks great! I wish we had seen it in person. I love your idea of using the pages from different Dr. Seuss books to decorate the wall. I see what you mean about it being pretty intense. What if you decorate only part of the wall? Maybe put pages in a diagonal or an X on the wall? Just a thought. I really like the idea of the stories on the wall. Have fun!

Erin and Devin said...

You might also get a big frame and put a couple of the pages and then hang it up on the wall.. although that is another thing to buy! But I love the theme of Dr. Suess.

Jennie said...

I like the pages, but it is a little much.

Honey said...

I was thinking about this last night. What if you used the pages to do a border - a page or two high (or you could even cut the pages into halves or quarters and mix them up). You could do it on the one wall or around the whole room up at the top of the walls? I'll keep thinking.

Any way you decide, Ethan's got one stinkin cute nursery! You've done a great job.

the binghams. said...

i LOVE it! keep it!!!! it's daring but that's what i like about it :)