Monday, August 23, 2010

Ethan's Suite #286

Last week my mom called. She asked, "Do you have any plans Saturday night?" I reply, "Why?" She responds, "Just wondering if you would like to come to the Broncos game." At that point even if we did have plans, we didn't anymore. Going to a Broncos game with my parents means private suite (well you do have to share it with ten of your friends) with catered drinks, dinner and dessert. "No plans Mom, we will go with you to the game!"

Saturday night arrived and we walked up to the stadium thinking this was going to be awesome!

Within seconds after entering the stadium I started to have flashbacks to the Rockies game. And this picture in particular. (Mom click on the word, this. Not that one. The one highlighted in orange. Love you!)

Excited Screaming Broncos Fans = Scared Screaming 4 Month Old

We thought we only had two options. We could either turn around and go home, or take turns spending the game in the quiet hallway outside suite #285.

Then magically a third option was brought to our attention. The room next to ours was empty!

Empty Private Suite = Sweet!

So we headed next door. Shut all of the windows, which shut out all of the noise. Then Aaron and I got to watch the game with a very happy baby- if you couldn't tell we are a little obsessed with him.

And every once in a while we would get visitors or waves from next door.

We missed our new boy Tim Tebow, but other than that the night could not have gone better!

Go Broncos!

Also, Go Dad for providing us with some great Saturday night entertainment! And Dad, in case you were wondering we are free next Saturday too ;)