Saturday, July 3, 2010

Go Rockies!

We have taken Ethan everywhere. He has been to Toy Story 3, Seussical- my brothers high school musical, endless noisy restaurants and Ethan has done just fine. But lately Ethan has been known to freak out when hearing loud noises. Like while watching the World Cup USA vs. Algeria game when the U.S. scored in overtime. My family went nuts, unfortunately Ethan did too. Don't get me wrong Ethan and I don't just sit in silence all day. I am permanently tapped into and Ethan and I have been known to bust a few moves, but I guess it isn't enough to curb his sensitivity to loud noises. So when I bought tickets to the Rockies game so that Aaron could celebrate his 30th birthday by taking his son to his first baseball game, I was taking a little bit of a gamble.

But the game went really well. Ethan was awesome for the first few innings.

But the 8th inning looked mostly like this...

So we took him out, wrapped him up, and he was asleep for the rest of the night.

We did have to spend the 9th inning here...

But it was worth it because we got to see the most incredible fireworks show! (Wray family- it was almost as good as the Hilton Head fireworks ;)

Oh and guess what...

Happy 30th Birthday Aaron!

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