Tuesday, November 9, 2010


After Ethan was born and we settled into somewhat of a routine, I realized that I had a lot of time on my hands. The kid naps a lot! (Well napped, teething is no fun!) So I decided to get back into reading what I wanted to read, not what a 6th grader wanted to read. I was so excited! Except there was one problem. Once I start I can’t stop. Of course I could put a book down to take care of my baby. But anytime he was asleep I was reading. My husband soon made it known how much he disliked this hobby. (Outrageous! Right?) Actually, it was because he missed me(Awe!) Can you believe that I was ignoring him for the make believe? I am ashamed. But I can’t help it. I enjoy a good fiction novel.

So I had to find another hobby that wouldn’t consume me so much, but that I still enjoyed. I decided to pick up sewing again. I used to sew when I was a kid. (Who sews when they are a kid? Well, I did.) I had actually started to get back into it right before I got pregnant with Ethan. But then I got pregnant… and well we all know that story. But now I am officially back into it.

Today I thought that I would start out this week of unusual blogging(for me) with  what I have been working on lately. Now I wont throw it all at you at once. I’ll start you off with just a few simple things.

Lately I have been inspired by one particular blogger. The day that I discovered this blog, I came across two things that I wanted to make. I was so excited about them that the second I came across them I went to the store, bought the fabric, and made them all in the same day. 

Take a look:

First is my new Fall skirt:


Inspiration and Tutorial found HERE.

Second are my new fall scarves: (Actually the purple one I didn’t make that day. I made it a few days later, because I was so in love with the first one that I made. )

DSC08594  DSC08592   DSC08588DSC08585

Inspiration and Tutorial found HERE.

Both were so fun and so easy to make!


Jan said...

Angela your talents just keep spilling over that is so awesome! Your scarfs and skirt are beautiful way to go! Thank you for sharing, Love Aunt Jan

Christina said...

So cute!

Honey said...

I didn't know that you sew! They're darling! Nice job!

Carla said...

Those look so great!

Carla said...

By the way, you have inspired me to make my own stuff. and for Eva. :) P.S. How did you make your flowers?

Katherine said...

LOOOOOVEE it all (especially the purple one!)

Aaron and Angela said...

Carla- I am not very good at explaining. I found this blog post that explains it better than I could.