Thursday, November 18, 2010

What College Football Means to Me

Now I have to be honest about a few things here…

First, I graduated from a college that does not have sports. So I don’t entirely grasp the concept of college sports. Sure I attended my fair share of flag football games, girls basketball games and the occasional other intramural game, but that was about it. I have found pride in my alma mater for other reasons besides sports.

Second, I am in denial about how old I am. I swear that I am still college aged. I feel like I could walk back onto the BYU-Idaho campus and just fit right in. Then I come in contact with college students and see how young they actually are and I am brought back to reality that I am not as young as I once was. I’m not saying that I am old, just not as young as my mind leads me to believe. I mean my brother is going to be in college in less than a year. Woah! Plus, I have been out of college longer than I was in college. It has been almost 5 years now. Wow!

Why am I sharing this information? Well last Saturday Aaron wanted a live viewing of BYU crushing CSU (which they did 49- 10 final score!) I tagged along to learn more about this college sport culture and for a good reality age check.

We met up with friends. And even though we had to bundle up because of the snow, we still had a blast! I think mostly because by the time the game was over there were more BYU fans then there were CSU fans.

And Ethan stayed warm and cozy with Grandma and Grandpa Hunt.


Maybe someday I will get this college sports thing down. I mean, who knows? I could have a future BYU quarterback napping in the next room ;)


Honey said...

My mind thinks I'm younger than I really am, too. Booo.

Carla said...

Agreed about the age thing. Totally weird to see actually definable "young" people. And can't believe your little bro is going into college next year! What?! haha. Nice that Ethan could stay cozy and warm. But that game sure looks fun! As crazy as this sounds, I kinda miss being able to bundle up and have hot chocolate to steam and warm up my face.