Monday, September 19, 2011

Sometimes Sick… but Always Stylin’

This sick boy may not have made it to church yesterday, but he still asked to get dressed.


I heard him whining in his room. When I went to go check on him I found that he was trying to yank out his tie that had been smashed in his dresser drawer and was now hanging out just enough so that he could see it. I opened the drawer for him. He took out the tie and handed it to me. I proceeded to put it on him. Then came smile #1. Next he went back to the same drawer which also contains his shoes. He pulled out two shoes, and then handed them to me. I put them on him. Then came smile #2. I appreciated both of those smiles, because we didn’t get too many of them yesterday. Poor guy :(


With as crummy as he felt yesterday, I am glad that he at least had two smile worthy moments. He definitely thought he was looking pretty cool.



Lydia Story said...

So cute! Sorry he is feeling sick!

Ryan Hunt said...

Sorry to hear he is sick. We missed you guys yesterday. Don't worry about getting our kids sick. Either they get it or they don't - chances are they've already been exposed at school. Hope E is feeling better.