Friday, September 30, 2011

What I Took Away From Obama’s Speech

This isn’t a political post. In fact, it wasn’t even supposed to be a post. As I was looking through pictures for a different post, I came across these photos that I had forgotten that I had taken. I have gotten in the habit now of always having the camera out. I take so many pictures these days that I forget about a lot of them. I love capturing all of Ethan's moments. As mundane as they may seem there is something special in all of them.

Take this afternoon for example. Ethan knows nothing about the current economic climate. Heck, he doesn’t even understand what a job is.

But when they stood up, he stood up.


When they clapped, he clapped.


I loved this afternoon, because I loved Ethan's optimistic spirit. For him, everyday is full of excitement and endless joy. I love the fact that he sees the good and the fun in everything that he does. That includes everything from watching the president speak…


… to discovering the existence of flour. Oh how I relish in his innocence, and his use of the word “Wow!”

“Wow!” I can open this bag of flour!

“Wow!” Look at what happens when I turn this bag upside down!

“Wow!” I get to sweep the floor!

I want to bottle these qualities up and keep them forever- for him and for me. I think that optimistic and innocent spirit is what gets me through those flour floor covered days, it is what teaches me most days, and it is what reminds me about why I love being a mother.

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