Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sometimes I Wonder…

Without fail twice a day Ethan stands at the bathroom door screaming “ba, ba, ba” or in English “bath, bath, bath!” My son loves to take baths. Well showers actually, we gave up on baths as soon as he learned to unplug the drain.

Yesterday, Ethan came inside from playing in the backyard and he was covered in mud and sand. He was in desperate need of a bath. I took him to the bathroom and started to get him undressed. As soon as I took off his shoes he lost it. “Shoe, shoe, shoe!” He screamed. I just let him keep on screaming, because this kid needed to be hosed down whether or not he liked it. As soon as I got his wet and muddy clothes off I placed him in the tub, and that is when the crying began. This was such odd behavior since bath time is usually the highlight of his day. I tried to think of a way to remedy this situation. Then I remembered the shoe screaming from the minute before. I thought I’d revisit that and see if he was still interested in them. I picked up his shoe and he picked up his foot indicating that it was time to put it on. Once the shoes were on the crying stopped, and bath time happily resumed like nothing had just happened.


Sometimes I wonder what goes on inside that head of his… I’m just glad that he happened to be wearing plastic shoes.

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Carla said...

Too funny. I wonder the same thing. Little minds at work are a big wonder. :) Cute lunchtime outfit, Ethan. :)