Monday, November 24, 2008

Best Husband Surprise Ever!

What do the answers to these questions have in common?

Clue 1: If you needed to find a plumber, where would you find one to call?

Clue 2: This is a common pirate phrase: “______ me timbers!”

Clue 3: What item can all of these words describe? Grandfather, Wall, Antique, Cuckoo

Clue 4: Can you fill in the blank for this 80’s movie starring Kurt Douglas? “Big _________ in Little China”

Clue 5: A true handyman might be called “Mr. ____- it”.

That is the riddle that I received in an email from Aaron on Friday afternoon leading me to the best surprise ever!

: Long story! Skip to the pics if you just want the answer.

But before I explain the surprise let's start back a few weeks ago when this all got started. I listen to a radio show everyday on my way home from work. It is the Slacker and Steve show on Alice 105.9. I love it... when it is appropriate. Starting about two weeks ago everyday at 5:30 they would have a competition. Each day they would give a story idea, whether it be a good hoarding story, an embarrassing crying story, a boycotting story or a high maintenance story and which ever caller had the best story would win a certain concert ticket. Every day I would call Aaron with the premise of the story and we would try to come up with the funniest story we could and then call in to the radio station in hopes of winning these tickets. Everyday for two weeks we would call in and either get a busy signal or they would put us on hold and then run out of time for our story. One day Aaron actually made it on the radio about boycotting Rainbow Mallows. I'll spare you why he is boycotting but needless to say we didn't win.

Well Thursday rolled around, the day before the concert and I was so bummed that we hadn't won tickets. We looked into buying tickets but were concerned about the cost being a little high. We decided to not purchase tickets and have our typical Friday night of eating out and watching Numb3rs and a movie.

I went to school Friday thinking it was going to be another usual day, but oh was I wrong. Around lunch time I got an email from Aaron asking me to answer the questions listed above. I thought to myself, "I don't have time for this, I have to teach." But I hurried and answered the questions and then decided to type all of the answers in google to see if the riddle would pop up.

The answers were "yellow" pages, shiver, clocks, trouble and fix. What do they have in common? They are all Coldplay songs! Every hit that popped up had to do with Coldplay. "Duh!" I thought, "of course these are all Coldplay songs!" I hurried and emailed him back wondering why he was teasing me so, this was the exact band that we weren't going to see. Right then my lunch break was over and the kids started piling in. I started class but was anxiously waiting for Aaron's response. I kept glancing over at my computer every 30 seconds until he finally responded. I casually walked on over to my computer still leading the class discussion. I clicked on his email and a big picture of Coldplay popped up with the words... You are cordially invited to the Coldplay concert! (My sweet husband had found a sweet deal on sweet tickets!) I immediately got a huge smile on my face and completely forgot what I was talking about. My students thought that I had gone crazy. I almost just shouted out "I am going to COLDPLAY!" Instead, I just causally said "Excuse me, but what were we talking about?" At least it gave them a good laugh.

The concert was so fun! We had floor seats and sat 25 rows away from the stage. They sang all of their hits, Viva la Vida, Fix You, Violet Hill, The Hardest Part, Politik, and my favorite: The Scientist! At one point during one of their new songs titled "Lovers in Japan"they let thousands of confetti butterflies fall from the ceiling. It was incredible! Check out some of our photos below! There is even a video with some highlights from the concert. Heads up it is about 4 minutes... I couldn't bear to cut it down!