Monday, November 17, 2008

Our Day as California Tourists!

So I am behind on my posting but I'll share anyway. After our Disneyland vacation we had an extra day in Los Angeles so we figured we would do your typical touristy stuff. I am glad to say that I experienced this at least once but if I never go back to L.A. I would be just fine.

Our first stop was a farmers market. I know that may sound lame but it was incredible and huge! It had every type of food imaginable and all of these adorable little shops. One shop only sold old soda pops and other pop from around the world. It took me ten minutes to decide what to order. It was so fun!

Trip advisor said this was a good place for celebrity sitings. It also happened to be right behind the CBS studio. I was hoping for a run in with Charlie from my fav show Numb3rs but I guess it wasn't my day.

Next we were off to Grauman's Chinese Theater for the Hollywood walk of fame. There were plenty of celebrity imposter's hanging around in case you wanted to pay a few dollars for a pic... creepy! I hurried and held hands with Brad Pitt and then we got out of there as fast as we could.

Next we headed up to the famous HOLLYWOOD sign and got a nice view of the entire valley. We drove up as far as we could and got as close as we could without having to hike. A friendly man that lived in his van offered Aaron a wonderful opportunity to watch the sunset from just above the sign... needless to say we didn't stay around there much longer.

Our next destination was Beverly Hills with a look down Rodeo Drive.

After checking that off our list, we headed down the road to the Los Angeles temple! Best part of the day!

Then we were off to the Santa Monica Pier where we enjoyed the sunset on the beach. We thought about riding a roller coaster but it just didn't seem too enticing just coming from Disneyland the day before.

From there we were off to the airport. And there you have it... our day as California tourists.


Nisa said...

Okay I know you are supposed to be having fun, but now I'm getting jealous. Soo much fun.

Honey said...

Wow, you guys did a lot in a day.