Sunday, November 2, 2008

What happens in Vegas...

One of the many perks of being a teacher is fall break! This year we decided to head to Paris... I wish!

Instead my brother and I headed to the place where you can get a little taste of it all... VEGAS!

Yes it was just a quick stop on our way to our final destination... which you will learn about sometime in the next few days. It was your typical touristy Vegas vacation even the gambling... not really;)

Upon our arrival we headed off to do some mini-golfing! We lost a few balls in the water... Even baby Kate got in on the action.

Next we headed off to check out my sister's sweet new house! We then decided to take a few minutes to workout so we busted out the Wii fit. I even gave it a try. Sadly it told me that I have terrible posture and that I have the body of a 36 year old woman. Neither are a surprise to me seeing how I haven't worked out in the memorable past.
Good thing we invested in that $400 gym membership :)

My brother was all about the hoola-hoop!

After our workout we were off to eat a healthy snack of dippin-dots! Can you believe they have an entire store dedicated to this fabulous treat! Only in Vegas! I am seriously considering moving there just for this store!

Next we headed to the strip. Our first stop was New York! New York! where we let the good times roll as we hopped aboard the roller coaster. What a rush!

Next we headed over to Coke World to try different Cokes from around the world. Italy, your coke is sick!!! We ended up doing a combo of all 16 flavors and it wasn't half bad! My favorite was a pina coloda tasting one from I forget where.

Then we went next door to M&M world. I was so disappointed when I discovered that they did not have flavored M&M's. They just had different colored M&M's... so not as cool as the one in the real New York.

That was it for our day in Vegas. We did take a stop the next day on our way out of town to check out the fountain at the Belagio. Let's just say that baby Kate was not a fan! Yikes!

I loved being in Vegas... well I mostly enjoyed being there with my family. Thanks Whitney for the good times! If only my sister and I lived closer to each other then life would be perfect!

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Honey said...

Yay for fall break - looks like a fabulous time!