Saturday, November 22, 2008


Last Saturday Aaron and I along with my parents and my brother Jeff headed south to Colorado Springs. We geared up in our blue and white and made our way to the place where half of the LDS population in Colorado was headed as well.

We first had to make a stop at the always warm and wonderfully delicious... Cracker Barrel! I have so many memories of this beloved restaurant growing up. I could spend all day telling them. This was another learning experience for my dear husband. I realized that I revert back to my ten year old self when I get overly excited about my family traditions, hence the fascination with Disney. I guess I have to give my parents props for such a rad childhood! Thanks!

Well after our quick stop to play checkers, drink orange cream soda, eat country ham and fried ocra we were off to the main event... BYU vs. Air force game!

I am not a huge football fan so I was just in it for the experience, but every time I did decide to pay attention they would do horribly! Guessing by the final score you can assume that I didn't pay too much attention seeing how BYU destroyed the Falcons! The final score 38-24!

We had a blast with my family, stake president, a student of mine and friends from our ward who all happened to be sitting right by us! GO COUGARS!

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Christina said...

I've always wanted to stop at a Cracker Barrel, but never have!