Thursday, June 12, 2008

Chalk Art

On Aaron and I's third date we went to the chalk art festival held at Larimer Square in downtown Denver. Well this past weekend the festival was back in town and we just had to go back! I think it may become a tradition as long as we live in Denver. Our favorite part of the festival is when we sneak into the kids corner and add our own design. We have considered entering the festival but as you can see below we may need to get in a little more practice time first :)

June 2007

June 2008

Hot dogs and dragons! Two of our favorite things... and right next to each each other. It was meant to be!


The Innkeeper said...

The chalk art festival sounds great. Glad that you guys have joined the blogosphere! It's fun to hear what you're up to!

Honey said...

Nice job guys! I'll be checking back often. Have a fun time trip!

Teri said...

Welcome to our world. We now no longer have to communicate in real life. Everything we need to know about one another will now be found on this here interweb.