Thursday, June 26, 2008

Am I Still in College?

The other night Aaron and I decided that we needed root beer floats at about 10:30 pm. We would never have a shortage of ice cream in our home but unfortunately we were out of root beer. We headed over to the local King Soopers, and to our surprise there was a shopping cart full of day old donuts for half off! What a deal! We walked around the store for about 5 minutes debating whether this delicious snack was something that we truly needed. This inevitably led to us buying more things that we did not need. We finally came to the conclusion that these donuts were a must have!

We hurried home for a delicious treat of donuts and root beer. And of course the donuts were nasty! Aaron even tried to save some for the next morning, thinking that the donuts might treat us better now that they had been given a home. But sadly no, they were just as awful as the night before. I have no idea what we were thinking!

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Nisa said...

Until you have kids you may as well act like you are in college! And then when you have kids, maybe you will be like me and wonder, how people did college when they were married and having kid.s